Monday, January 30, 2012

Rebel Without A Cause

Hey, all. Whew, I'm back from an absolutely exhausting weekend. We laid around and rented movies, shopped, ordered take out, shopped again, laid around some more.... Yeah, okay. Not exhausting at all. But AWESOME.

You wanna know what happens when you're a Gymboree-aholic? You get invitations to after-hours box sales, and you go. Because you can't resist. (Box sales are when they pull all of the boxes of leftover inventory from the back room and let you have at it.) I was in heaven last night. And my darling husband uttered the following words to me, which I will never forget: "Get whatever you want." Wahoo!

He's lucky he's married to a frugal gal, because I think I showed great restraint, considering the circumstances :)

I also picked up a mom suit on Saturday night, which is what I officially call one-peice bathing suits with pseudo skirts on them. Cause nobody wants to see a grown woman chasing toddlers around in a teeny-weeny bikini. Well, that's probably a false statement, but let's just say I certainly don't want to worry about hanging out all over the place while I'm rescuing my child from the deep-end. :D

This is what I ended up getting from Target. I wanted red, but they don't sell it in stores, and since I need this for next weekend I couldn't wait. 

It comes with a strap around the neck (which I will definitely be wearing) and the skirt comes down a lot further on me. It's a good mom suit if you're in the market for one. They have lots of different colors here



It's officially official. We've acquired the materials, we have registered our class online, and we have set the date for Financial Peace University!

Our first class is Tuesday, March 6 from 6:30-8:30pm.

Every single person from our area is invited to join us! The cost for newbies is $93 - which is the same for singles or couples. And if you've been through before then dig up your workbook and bring yourself over, cause you're getting in for FREE, baby! :) 

Because we will need to order materials ahead of time, we ask that payment be due no later than Monday, February 27. That's four weeks from today, so save up your pennies and nickels and let us know if you're able to make it! (Also give us a heads up if you've been through before and would like to go through again. We'd love to have a headcount so that we can plan accordingly.) FPU is a life-changing experience. You won't regret it.

(More specific information on a location will be given once we have a set number of participants. I guesstimate that 12-14 people can fit in our living room, but if our numbers grow larger - which is highly likely- we will probably move to a conference room in FBC Red Bud's new church building.)

Today's ABC Blog Challenge is I: Illegal Past

Bahaha. When I first saw this one I thought, "What in the world is illegal in my past?" I did swipe a candy cigar from the store once, when I was like five. I've been questioned by the police several times for other people's crimes. (Like when I tutored the girl who set our elementary school on fire, for example.) But my criminal past is pretty bland, as far as criminal pasts go. 

But there was that one time....

It's something that burns my buns to this very day. I'm not sure if it's actually illegal, per say. But, it was definitely against the rules. :)

It was a bright and sunny Spring afternoon. I was a Senior in high school, and it was a typical lunch hour at RBHS. Eric and I were standing around with our friends when a thought just randomly jumped in my head from nowhere. "Hey, Eric," I said nonchalantly. "Wanna skip class for the rest of the day?" I expected him to scoff at me, call me crazy (cause we were "good" kids, ya know). But he didn't do either of those things. He said, "Okay." And we began to set our plan into motion. 

Because when you're a "good kid" you can't just skip school. You have to have a plan.

Somebody should have told us not to plan so hard.

We decided it would be a good idea to not just leave school, but to have an excuse to leave school. So Eric and I walked together to the office where I chose to just sign out and be done with it. Eric however put on a theatrical performance for the secretary, telling stories of a "spastic colin" and how he just had to go home, because he was having a flare up. (You have no idea how hard I was trying not to laugh.) So she nodded in a concerned sort of way, and Eric proceeded to sign himself out of school as well.

TIP #1 FOR SKIPPING SCHOOL: Never leave a trail of evidence behind. (Strike one for us.)

So we got into my car and said, "Sianara Suckas!" and drove to Eric's house. Where we proceeded to do a whole lot of nothing for the rest of the afternoon. In fact, we stopped trying to keep it a secret pretty early on and actually sat at the table and had a conversation with Eric's mom. Haha.

TIP # 2 FOR SKIPPING SCHOOL: If you're going to skip, at least have a worthwhile reason to. (Strike two.)

Three o'clock came and went, I drove home, acted like nothing had happened, and then I went to school the next day. I thought we had gotten away with it. Whew! No one would ever have to know that little Adrien was a rule-breaker. But then of course, in my last class of the day, I was handed a slip of shame - I was summoned to the principal's office. Uh oh.

As I walked through the empty halls of the high school, I saw Eric from a distance, and he was on his way to talk to our vice principal, too. We knew we were busted. 

Eric took a seat in the office, and I was called in first. Let me just make a long story short. Mr. VP asked me where I was the day before, and I sorta kinda stretched the truth a bit. To keep up Eric's masterful story, I said that my boyfriend's spastic colin was flaring up and he needed a ride home, so I took him. Oh how little white lies can grow. 

TIP #3 FOR SKIPPING SCHOOL: If you skip and you get caught, just admit that you skipped and you got caught. (Strike three for me.)

He saw right through my little story. He gave me a week's worth of detentions and a looong lecture on lying. I stood there and took it like a man. Oh the horror; the humiliation. I was a good kid, remember Mr. VP? I don't do these sorts of things. Ordinarily.

Meanwhile, Eric was right outside the door listening to the whole conversation. He had NO CLUE what the heck he was going to say when his turn was up. Finally, I was dismissed to leave, and as I passed Eric we exchanged looks of shock. 

And this is Eric's most favorite part of the story. 

When he walked into the vice principal's office, Eric sat down, and do you know what that little turd Mr. VP did? He handed Eric the phone and said, "Do you want to call your mom?"

And that was it. Eric's mom gave him a dismissal, and Eric and Mr. VP sat and talked about guitars for the rest of the period. Eric got no lectures, no detentions, no nothing. And you know why? Because Eric and the vice principal were pals. Makes. Me. Sick.

But my punishment wasn't over yet. 

Because when I got home that day, both of my parents were sitting on the couch in the living room facing the front door. They were waiting for me to get home. I could sense their eyeballs burning into me when my mom asked, "Do you have something you want to tell us?"

Oh no he didn't. He called my parents. Not that he was out of bounds to do so, but seriously?? Eric got nothing, and I got lectures, and detentions, AND a phone call home? AY YI YI. 

Eric thinks this is hilarious, of course.

I was grounded for a long, long time. My car was taken away. My favorite teacher was the one who handed me my detention reminder slips every morning for the week I served time. (To which he replied each day, "Tisk, tisk, Adrien. You need to start getting to class on time." I never revealed that my detentions weren't just for tardies, haha.)

And all of that for a boring afternoon of doing nothing. This whole thing still burns me up inside. Double standard much? I need to learn to be a better butt-kisser, I suppose. :D

So that's my story. It's as close to illegal as you're going to get from me. If there are any high school students reading this blog today, let this be a lesson to you. Stay in school, kids. All day. Haha.

This week looks pretty promising weather-wise, if I do say so myself. I'm looking forward to the potential of going outside and being FREE. And also organizing closets, because our closets have been getting on my nerves lately. This post was random and jam-packed and is about to end abruptly, but sometimes that just how I like 'em. Hope ya'll have a hap-hap-happy Monday!!


Heather said...

It paid to have a friend that worked in the office as the student secretary, and a boyfriend who didn't go to that school and had already graduated. He would call in to school, talk to my friend, and have her sign me out for the rest of the day.

Melissa W. said...

You are a rebel!!

The only time I ever skipped school was to go to Ash Wednesday mass & then we went to Hardee's' afterwards for breakfast...but that was excused...for the most part. LOL

This story cracks me up!! It's so crazy how your writing puts me right back there. The VP's name didn't happen to be Mr. Beattie, did it?

Melissa W. said...

...and let me clarify...I didn't not skip for lack of being a "rebel"...I didn't skip for fear of what my mother would "do" to me if I got caught.

Anonymous said...

That suit looks fantastic.

Adrien said...

Hey, Mirella! :)

Haha, Heather...high school networking at it's finest.

Melissa - Yes, that's who it was. Better watch what I say, it's a small town. Haha.

Ashley Mitchell said...

I got caught ONCE. When I went into the VP office he had my mom ON the phone already and made me talk to her. She was laughing, I was NOT.

Katie said...

Oh RBHS...they don't skimp on those punishments. One time, I got a detention slip for missing one period of study hall...2 days of detention as my punishment. Turns out Lucht accidentally marked me as absent. Jake read this with me and said your punishment and Eric's dismissal sounds exactly like something that would happen to us :) too funny!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm back with my new site, hope you will come visit me there.

Big hug Mirella

Denny said...

Glad I could pave the way for the obvious call mom routine! Your welcome Eric!

Adrien said...


The Pettijohn's said...

I must have been very lucky. I would just walk out when I wanted to skip and did not get caught.


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