Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So long, weekend....

Ah, Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend - one of the few extended holiday weekends that the Robert family actually gets to enjoy, thanks to the markets closing. It was the weekend in which we celebrated birthdays, I rediscovered the joys of reading a real, live book held in my real, live hands, and the entire Robert family was flagged down by the police for breaking the law. Don't get too excited. It was a minor infraction, and we were given a mere warning. Thank you, officer whoever you are.

It was also the weekend that we stuffed ourselves with so much delicious food that our bodies became the equivalent of floating bloated dirigibles. Eric insisted that he get back into the gym, but he never did. And I thought for sure I was pregnant. But I'm not. Oh, and my sister and I had a slumber party. Yes, I do believe that about covers it.

Now for the good stuff. I managed to get a few or fifty pictures of the kiddos having fun at John's shindig on Saturday night. I still can't believe he's FOUR!

It was a night of high energy fun - appropriate since John is pretty high energy himself. :)

The kids entertained themselves all evening with helium balloons. It doesn't take much!

This picture cracks me up, because of course the football game had to be on during the party. Raise your hand if you don't give a flip about football. >>>Me.<<<

Eric wakes up in the wee hours of the morning every Saturday to work at the radio station, and so he gets pretty darn tired on Saturday nights...

...and apparently a little loopy!

I love him. :)

John had to walk around the table to blow out all of his birthday candles, haha. 

Everyone gave their presents to John...

...and then John gave presents to the other kids. (Crayons and coloring books.)

It was a super fun evening! We also celebrated Great Grandpa Robert's birthday on Sunday, with a feast fit for a king. Mmm...the ham, the chicken and dumplings, the potato casserole, rolls and strawberry jam...green beans and salad...peach pie and apple pie and home made ice cream...I could seriously go on. I'm telling you, no diet was safe this weekend.

We had an awesome time of gathering with family all weekend long, and as always, I'm sad that it had to end. Evelyn woke up this morning asking over and over again where her daddy was and refusing to believe he had to go to work. It's hard explaining to a toddler that we need money to buy things and someone has to work to make the money, haha.

I hope that you were able to enjoy some time with friends and family this weekend, too!


Today's post is brought to you by the letter "B." That is, I'm finally on day B of the "ABC Blogger Challenge." And today's topic is "Blogger Blast!" Since we're supposed to interpret these topics any way we choose, I decided to look up all of the definitions of "blast" and see which one tickled my fancy in the most delightful way. And I chose the exclamation form of the word, as in the example, "Blast! The car won't start!" (Thank you, Google.)

So, here are a few things about blogger/blogging that make me want to shout "BLAST!" on a daily basis.

1) Blast! My life is boring and I have to weave some similes and metaphors together to make it sound interesting for a blog post today.

2) Blast! This picture uploader is so gosh darned slow.

3) Blast! People think I hate them because blogger NEVER alerts me to their blog updates.

4) Blast! That chick has her stuff together, and I haven't even showered today.

5) Blast! I'm the worst speller in the universe. My computer is smarter than me.

6) Blast! Another project that I HAVE to try. Can't...resist...the crafts....

7) Blast! Sarah Roscow uncovered an old picture of me with the "80's mom" haircut and put it on the internet. What was I thinking? :)

8) Blast! I can't say that...or that...or that... without embarrassing my future self and/or children and/or ruining my marriage. Ha.

9) Blast! Now I want a margarita. I don't even drink margaritas!

10) BLAST! Is it Confession Friday yet?!

And that is all. :)


Heather said...

I can't believe you left us hanging with no explanation on the traffic violation and pregnancy scare?!!

The Pettijohn's said...

I agree with Heather. That was not cool. Lol!

Adrien said...

Oh, haha, neither are a big deal. We forgot to replace the sticker on my car and we were pulled over while we were out shopping yesterday. And as for the pregnancy thing...I think I'm pregnant every single month, cause my "schedule" is still all over the place! We were about ready to start looking for bigger vehicles, but nope! Not pregnant. :)


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