Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bums and Banquets

One might assume that when coming off of an extra-long family weekend that there would be extra things to blog about. Except that we spent so much of this weekend relaxing and doing absolutely nothing that there's actually less to share than usual. :) Here's the play by play of our Presidents Day off yesterday:

-Eric shifts on the couch
-I say, "Baha, get your feet out of my FACE!"
-Eric laughs.
-Evelyn piles onto the couch.
-Gracie piles onto the couch.
-"What are we going to do today?"
-"Absolutely nothing."
-The End.

Rinse, lather, repeat every ten minutes or so. I swear I get less done when Eric is home.

We had our usual family dinner Friday, date night Saturday, and church morning Sunday. The only thing that we changed up this weekend was the fabulous Valentine's Banquet on Sunday evening. I shared about the banquet last year...of it's makeshift decorations and general cheesiness and hilarity. I LOVE the Valentine's Banquet. It reminds me of why I adore living in a small town and of how amazing our church family is. It's no secret that my heart wouldn't beat quite right without the community of a church family.

I was worried last year that the banquet wouldn't be the same anymore. It was always held in our church basement, which was one of things that made it so makeshift and hilarious. Strung sheets and twinkle lights are what made the Valentine's Banquet the Valentine's Banquet. This year we had our annual dinner in the new church building. Would something get lost in translation? Would the banquet feel different than usual? Baha. Nope. It was as awesome as ever.

We never take a lot of pictures at this event, unfortunately. It's just not the type of thing we think to bring our big bessie camera to. Plus, it's super dark. So we always try at the last minute to snap a few pictures with our phone and hope for the best.

Part of this year's quirkiness was that it was totally COLD. Haha. We were bundling up as the night went on to keep from chattering. :)

The evening begins with the meal, which seems to be different every year these days. This year our pastor's wife Laura went over the top with a yummy dinner and dessert, complete with heart shaped ice cream. I don't know how she did it, but it was great! And once everyone is sufficiently stuffed we play games which usually end up embarrassing people and/or putting them on the spot. Haha.

This year was kicked off by a rousing game of Family Feud, Valentine's Day edition. Eric was of course called upon to be on one of the teams. He's an easy target for picking on, since he's usually the one doing the picking. :)

We played a trivia game and did another activity before ending the night with the annual vote for the banquet King and Queen. Everyone casts a secret ballot for which couple will reign for the following year. Once the votes were cast and counted Eric and I were SHOCKED when they called our names for King and Queen. Haha, I'm still cracking up when I think about it. We just were not expecting it at all, because we personally vote for couples who have been married considerably longer than we have. Or as Eric so eloquently put it, "I didn't think we were OLD enough!"

They had lost the crowns and capes from the previous year (hehe) so instead we were awarded with King and Queen hamsters - another totally random thing which was found completely acceptable and normal at the Valentine's Banquet.

King and Queen, as they are named, are now reigning on high from the top shelf of the China cabinet. I have big plans for these two. ;)

Eric and I continued cracking up as we pulled out of the church parking lot that night. We joked about the "royal chariot" we were driving away in, which was Eric's old Buick that has over 300,000 miles on it. We're very proud of the Buick, by the way, and plan to run that thing until it kicks the bucket!

It was a great weekend, for sure. Thank you to the markets for closing so that we could have Eric home an extra day. Of course, now my laundry is piled up and I'm trying to break free of the groggy feeling that comes from being a lazy bum for just a little too long. Time to snap back to reality! 


Heather said...

I thought when you mentioned these hamsters on Facebook that you actually got the girls each a real hamster and that's what they named them.

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

did you pull the plug for sure on the potty party? I might be interested.....let me know.

Adrien said...

Haha, Heather - that would make the most sense, wouldn't it? :D

Adrien said...

Angie - yes, I did. I need to mention that tomorrow, thanks for reminding me! I still have free stuff to give away, and I don't want it! :)

Anonymous said...

what would have taken place at this potty party? I was hesitant because I work in STL and dont get home till about 6:00 then to run again, sometimes is a little much. But Megan is starting to become more interested in potty training I think. She dont like a wet or soiled diaper, but I think she needs motivation from other kids. What kind of things came in that kit?

Adrien said...

It was more a play date than anything. We would have talked a little about potty training and learned "the potty dance" and probably played a little game. But mostly it was just a regular party to let the kids play. :) The kit for each child has a dvd that has potty training songs and information for parents on it, a potty chart, some stickers, coupons, a blow up guitar (for the potty dance), and a few other things.

Lara said...

Shoot! I am so ready for Ty to be out of diapers! And I was super excited for the free stuff :)

Adrien said...

Don't worry, Lara, I'll hook you up! :D

sblind2 said...

I'm so excited to be a follower of royalty!!

Matt is determined when I'm in FL Brody is getting potty trained....he's already been telling be we're out of diapers!


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