Friday, February 3, 2012

Confession Friday 2-3

Well my the time most of you are reading this we will be long gone. We're hitting the road for a short weekend away - and boy could we use it! We'll be staying in a condo in Branson for the next two nights, and I think it's just what the doctor ordered to help break up the monotony of Winter.

Just one quick thing before I start confessing away: Eric informed me that the price of FPU is definitely $93. We get a discounted rate since we're ordering as a class. Score!

I confess that I really hope Eric's bonus comes in before Financial Peace classes start so we can buy a new camera without feeling guilty. Ha.

Unless we specifically ask, McDonalds NEVER gives us straws with our drinks. Never. I'm not sure if we're just unlucky or what. So I had to take matters into my own hands. And I must say, sweet tea actually does taste better with a crazy straw. So take that, McDonalds. I don't need your stinkin straws.

I confess that I am NOT looking forward to a five hour drive in the car today with the kiddos. Gracie doesn't travel very well. This could be veeery interesting.

I confess that the girls were in top-form this week. I can't even recall all of the antics they were up to, because there were so many, but here are a few:

- They dumped an entire, brand new, JUMBO sized bottle of bubble bath into the tub while they were in it.   (I confess that I left them alone for two seconds to run and turn a timer off. Never making that mistake again!)

- Evie used my favorite lip gloss to paint a toilet seat. My favorite - hard to find - lip gloss. Grrr.

-Grace poured a just blown out candle all over her head (and the table, and the computer....) and had wax in her hair for two days. (This candle was out of reach...but of course my monkey climber reached it.)

Help. Me.

I confess that I had forgotten how exhausting fresh air can be. Totally not complaining, but whew! I am whooped after chasing kids this week.

Do you have any slow-running drains in your house?

This little baby is highly effective. It's drain unclogger thingamabopper. You can get one here.
I confess that I nearly barfed cleaning out our drains yesterday with this thing. I expected hair and junk like that. I did not do I say this...sludge to come dripping out. It was sickening. Especially since our drains have run slowly since we moved in here, so I know the sludge wasn't all ours. I dare you to get one and see how gross your drains are. You might be surprised. :)

I confess that I should be packing right now, but I'm blogging and painting my nails instead. Priorities, people, priorities.

I confess that I lost it on Eric last night for bringing home the "wrong" dinner. What is wrong with me? I'm nuts sometimes. Sorry, dear.

I confess that I've been entering Disney trip sweepstakes every day for the past month. Kim - I need some of your luck!

^^I confess that I don't understand the American "gift tax" at all. If I were to win a FREE trip to Disney, it would still cost us almost $2,000 in taxes. What is up with that?

I confess that YIKES, I just looked at the clock. I have got to go to bed! Sorry to post and run, but I need my beauty rest. Please, please leave some love today. Tell me a joke. ANYTHING. It's been lonely in blogland this week. :)


Melissa W. said...
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Melissa W. said...

Wow!! That candle incident was scary!!! She is a little climber, isn't she!

Have a great weekend!!!!!! It will be nice to get away!

...and a new camera?? What's wrong with your "old" one?

Heather said...

Have a fun weekend!!!

I confess that my drains have been running slow for about 3 weeks...but just the thought of snaking them makes me want to vomit so I keep dumping Drano down them.

Cassie said...

Have a great trip!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

I confess I put shoes on Mason today and I about cried, he looks like such a big boy with them on. Didn't I just have him?

Anonymous said...

I wish you a fun and loving weekend

April said...

Thanks for sharing the crazy antic details Evenyln and Gracie are getting into, it gives me an idea of what I'm in for.

Lara said...

Have a wonderful trip! We go to Branson all the time and Ty doesn't do good in the car. This year I'm praying the portable DVD player will be our savior!


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