Thursday, February 16, 2012

Do I Have Regrets?

I'm super sneezy, my throat is scratchy, and I've been sooo tired the last few days. But my body is putting up a valiant effort, I must say. Despite the sickening amounts of hershey's kisses and root beer I've ingested over the past two days, I'm pretty sure my white blood cells have been strapping on full body armor and kicking some random virus booty.

Thank you, white blood cells. I will try to be kinder to you today. Unfortunately this raging battle within has my energy zapped. It's gone. Nonexistent. The energy department is taking a siesta. And therefore, so am I. I think I siesta'd half the day away yesterday. ;)

I know ya'll won't mind if I take a little rest today. But I think I can still manage to crank out a little ABC Blog Challenge. Let's see...where are we...ah, yes. The letter R: Regrets.

My thoughts on regret probably aren't very popular, but oh well. :)

Are there things that I regret doing in life, thus far? Absolutely yes. I'm not going to share those particular things today, because there's a reason why I regret them, and I am definitely not interested in rehashing them.

I think it's a lovely sentiment to "live life with no regrets" and perhaps there really is someone alive today who can truly say they don't regret a thing they've done...maybe that someone is you. But I KNOW that there are things that I have done that I knew were wrong before I did them, and I did them anyway. So I cannot honestly say that I learned or grew from those experiences. I was just an idiot. I may have hurt relationships or myself, but I definitely did NOT benefit from those poor decisions then or now. In fact, the only way those decisions have "shaped me into who I am today" is by strapping me with baggage and memories that I'd rather not have.

I don't live my life wallowing in regrets, but I also don't claim to have none. I've been forgiven, and I've forgiven myself, but if given the choice I'd rather reverse the clock and CHANGE things I've said or done than to claim I've learned my lesson. If there is one thing that having regret has taught me, it's that I don't want to have any more. Regret sucks.

And that's the gospel truth. According to me. :)

Time for a nap!


Melissa W. said...

Very profound, Adrien. I think I'll just link to this for my Day R...if I ever get there.

Feel better!!

Adrien said...

Thanks, Melissa. :) I think we really are the same person, haha.

Jamie said...

Love this. Truth.


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