Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Farewell, Old Friend

We're getting a new camera today. Woohoo!

There's nothing wrong with the old one, for those who were asking before, but the time has come for an upgrade. And after we sell our current camera and an extra lens it's not going to cost us very much to welcome the new addition to the family. :)

I'm not the type of person who holds on to a lot of stuff. I think since college I've moved so many times it's forced me to learn to let go of certain things. But I do have to say that there are a few items that hold a special place in my heart, and our camera is one of those things. It's probably silly, but as excited as I am for a new toy to play with, I might be a little sad to say goodbye to the trusty sidekick I've toted along on many afternoon adventures.

Last pictures!

Eric and I scraped together our money and bought our camera used from Craigslist almost as soon as we found out we were expecting Evelyn. We knew that we would want to capture as many memories of our baby as well as we could, and so that year we called that camera our Christmas present to each other. I have to say that it was probably the best purchase we have made so far as a couple. The pictures we have taken over the past two years are precious as silver to us.

Last night we took some of the last pictures we will ever take with our old friend. I hate turning into a sentimental goober over an inanimate object, but I'm getting a little teary-eyed thinking about letting go of something that has been with us for so many important memories. The births of both of our babies...holidays...birthdays...and every milestone in between. Our camera has served us well. And since its photos have filled the pages of this blog since the very beginning, I thought it was appropriate to document it's retirement from our family right here.

I'm sure that we will find a good home for our dear pal. It's time for it to move on to a new family and capture new memories. :) So long, little friend. *Tear* Haha.

Bonus picture:

Evie was "blogging to all of my friends."

Oh brother. :)

This was after we heard the tale of her new "boyfriend" at dinner last night. When asked who her boyfriend is, she very seriously explains that he is "my cousin's dog's neighbor." 
I can't make this stuff up!

Today's ABC Blog Challenge is S: Shocked at the sight

It's been a long while since I've been "shocked at the sight" of something. Yep - quite a long time since something has really snuck up on me and punched me right in the gut. Like "Woah, wasn't expecting that AT ALL!" But leave it to one of my kids to change all of that. Last night I was walking by a table in our living room, when I discovered this:

It's a face, in case you can't tell. :)

"Oh my gosh, who drew this face?!" I exclaimed as I showed Eric the beloved magna doodle. I was freaking out, because while I know Evelyn has been going crazy drawing circles (and also butts) lately, I had no idea she was putting together eyes and mouths and heads. It was something I legitimately recognized. No more, "Oh, that's so pretty honey...what is it?" This was clearly a face.

Shock. Total shock, I tell you.

Eric, however, acted like this was no big deal. "She's been doing that for days now. I've been teaching her how to draw a face before we go to bed at night."

Say what? Why didn't someone TELL me my child was a budding artist? This is genius. Pure genius. I think I'm going to have Evie draw some faces on something that doesn't erase so easily so I can stick it on the fridge and brag to any and all guests that enter into our home. 

Child prodigy over here. 

Before I forget! 

I'm pretty sure most of you know this already, but the potty party is nixed - cancelled - not happening. So to all one or two people who thought they might come, I apologize. :) If you would like some free stuff let me know, and I'll drop it in your mailbox! And don't tell Huggies that I dropped the ball, cause I don't want to be blacklisted or anything. :) Haha, have a great day, friends. 


Anonymous said...

Potty Party: Did you say it came with several DVD's? I would love something free to help little Miss get potting :)
Camera: Are you selling it? (my husband just might hurt me but worth asking about :))

Heather said...

Does your new camera have a paparazzi lens on it?

Adrien said...

Angie, Facebook me your address! :) We have someone interested in our camera, but if that falls through we'll be listing it for sale.

Haha, the new camera will have the same lens we have now.

Cassie said...

cracking up at all of these.

evie, oh evie. your boyfriends sounds awesome. too funny girl.
and i love that she draws butts too. how funny is that.

kids are the best. hilarious.

stella's new thing is awesome. everything is awesome. lol.

Melissa W. said...

I'm also interested in your old camera...we are a nice family...and would provide a nice home for it... : ) Let me know about that.

Also, what kind of new camera are you getting? Another Canon?

Adrien said...

We now have a Canon 60D. And it's awesome! :)

My blogging buddies will be the first to know if we're looking to list our old camera. :)


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