Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

In a rare twist of events, Winter decided to actually SHOW UP in our neck of the woods. :) Took quite a while for the seasons to sort themselves out, but at last, here we are. Living in a snowy wonderland on Valentine's Day. I can't think of any greater excuse to stay in and stay cozy, which is exactly what we did last night!

We've been pretty busy this month, and so we were quite behind on our usual love day preparations this year. So yesterday we kicked it into high gear and got our craft and bake on.

I just adore all of the pennants finding their way on the party scene these days. It's a super cute trend. We made some of our own for Valentine's Day. :)

While the snow drifted down in big puffy flakes outside, we got elbow deep in buttercream and enjoyed our annual cookie decorating tradition. Gracie was old enough to join in on the fun this year!

We whipped out "The Simpson Family Cookbook" once again for the totally awesome sugar cookie and icing recipes inside. Normally I'm a "buy the mix" kind of girl, but for certain special occasions baking from scratch is absolutely necessary. :)

Gracie actually did a really great job trying to put that icing on her cookie.... 

I know that for whatever reason many people do not like Valentine's Day. But we unashamedly love it. This family can pull off sickeningly sweet almost any day of the year, but give us an excuse and we'll push it right on to the limit.

This morning there was a table full of surprises waiting for the girls. I can't wait to show you pictures tomorrow. Our kitchen table currently looks like Willy Wonka'a factory blew up all over it, thanks to daddy dearest. :)

Towards the end of our little activity, Gracie decided to do something that she often does, and she put a huge glob of icing right in her hair. Ay yi yi. It never fails that if we're doing or eating something just a little bit messy, she'll use her hair as a napkin. This is after I got most of it out....

Haha. Her hair is still a bit stiff this morning. :)

We ended the night enjoying the fruits of our labor. A plate of love cookies and hot chocolate topped with fluffy heart marshmallows threatened to melt the snow outside our door. 

We hope that you have a great Valentine's Day! Ours has been full of "awws" and laughs already. :)

And if you don't have a valentine of your own, Evie just said she'll be yours. Girl has enough love to go around the world and back again! (Or in her words, she has a "bow-tique full of love." Where does she come up with this stuff?)

Hugs and junk!


Melissa W. said...

Totally sweet!! Happy Valentines Day to you all, too!!

Heather said...

Love those girls! Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

I love valentines day too. Have a good one!

Cassie said...

awww - happy valentine's day!

Adrien said...

Thanks, friends. :)

Anonymous said...

I love how you decorate your house everytime for your children, I think you are a fantastic mother.

Adrien said...

Aw, thank you, Mirella!


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