Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Playful Princess

A poem for my baby girls!

Perfect princesses are proper and prim,
They never go out on a whim.
Their days are planned from dawn ‘til dusk.
Their clothes well pressed and never mussed.

A perfect princess walks with dignity,
She’d never fall and scrape her knee.
She’d never soil a pretty dress,
Or play in dirt – oh, what a mess!

A perfect princess studies art,
She’s well-learned and very smart.
Yes, a perfect princess can rule the nation.
But what of her imagination?

Can a perfect princess run and play
Or ever have a lazy day?
Being a princess could be fun,
But I’d rather be a playful one!

There’s a time and place for dignity,
But a playful princess can run FREE!

To study art but never make it,
A playful princess couldn’t take it!

 A playful princess makes mud pies,
She finds cloud animals in the skies.

She laughs out loud and meets new friends.
Adventure awaits her until the day ends.

Oh, it could be fun to be a royal,
But only if it didn’t spoil,
The chance to run and laugh and play
And make each day a happy day!

So remember my girls, as you learn and grow,
To make the time to take life slow. 
Never forget to play and laugh,  
Wherever you are on your lifelong path.

To: Evie and Grace
Love, Mommy!


Our house is abuzz today! I'm trying to get things ready for a little family weekend getaway. So this one must be short and sweet! The Robert family would like to wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Stella who is two years old today. It's always an exciting day when a blogger baby big girl has a birthday! We hope that you have a fabulous Barney birthday, Stella! :) And also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear friend, Don Roth. You mean more to our family then you'll ever know!

We have had a wonderful week, being able to get out and PLAY. I hope you have, too! 


Anonymous said...

I love to read your blog everyday, when your not blogging I miss it, your story's I love them.

You have two beautiful princesses.

Katie said...

Such a cute poem! You should write a children's book :)

Melissa W. said...

<3 <3 <3!!!!

Very nice. : )

Ditto to both of the above comments, too!!

Really great job. You should frame this poem and put it on the wall of their bedroom.

Sarah said...

One word, ok two...ABSOLTELY ADORABLE!! :)

Adrien said...

Thank you all so much! Love you, girls. :)


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