Thursday, February 9, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

Hey, look - it's me!
Because I'm about to talk your ear off.

With all of the trip reporting the last few days, I've neglected a few things! I feel like every few days or so I need to check my calendar and remind myself of all of the things coming up. Because I honestly keep forgetting. Like the Potty Party on the 25th for instance. I just received word that the party pack should be arriving in the mail soon, and I can't wait to dig out the gear Huggies is sending our way. :) I've been gone so much and so busy that I haven't been able to keep everyone's messages straight (and I'm a horrible email checker), but as far as I know, no one is definitely coming to this thing. Haha.

So just to clarify, in case I scared anyone with my enthusiasm a week or so ago, this party is totally FREE for anyone who comes. (And no, your kids don't have to be quite ready to potty train to attend.) It's basically a glorified play date with some snacks and free stuff for you to take home, compliments of Huggies and  I debated on whether or not to have the get together on the Saturday night that they recommend, because I'm not sure how many mamas would be up for a play date with the kiddos on a Saturday night. So if another date works better for anyone, let me know. Otherwise, my kids are going to have a lot of blow up guitars and dvds and things to keep for themselves! :) If you're coming, I'd love to hear from you by about February 17th - that's next Friday, just to make sure I have plenty of drinks, snacks, and gift bags for the littles and mommies. 

A promo for one of Dave's live events. Eee...get excited about FPU!!

ALSO, some of you have been asking about FPU (Financial Peace University) logistics, so I wanted to quickly answer those questions. The class will cost $93, and you can make your check payable to: FBC Red Bud. We are going to be ordering the materials for the course through our church's account, and that way we get the discount by ordering as a group. Feel free to drop your check in the mail to our address - if you need my information, please contact me privately.  Or, if you live close you can even just leave it in our mailbox and save the stamp. :) Payment is due by Sunday, February 26th. (Let me know if you would need a slight extension; we can work something out.) Remember that if you've attended before, you don't need to pay again, but we'd still like to know that you're coming for space reasons. We will announce the location of the first class once we have a final head count. And that first class will be on Tuesday, March 6 at 6:30pm.  If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments. It's going to be a great Spring!

Next, everyone make sure to visit Heather's blog and read about how YOU can make a difference in a little girl's life. Baby Abby has been diagnosed with an extremely rare disease, and has recently undergone chemotherapy treatments and a bone marrow transplant. Many of us have already made donations to help with little Abby's medical expenses, and I encourage you to consider helping us to reach the $1500 goal that Heather has set. For every dollar donated, you can enter yourself into a drawing for a gorgeous piece of artwork as a "thank you" for giving. This one:

 I love it! Make sure to check out the blog post for all of the details. 

And now it's time for the ABC blog challenge. Yet another thing I've been neglecting! I'm going to knock out a few of these at once, because I don't want to get too far behind. (We're only halfway done, after all. I need to work through this thing before Christmas comes. Haha.) So today I'm doing L, M, and N: Lost Chance, Motivation Station, and Notable Changes. These are going to be short and sweet, so...ready, set, go!


There isn't much in my life that I consider a "Lost Chance." There are things I possibly regret doing, but not much I regret NOT doing, if that makes sense. I shared with Heather, the creator of this very challenge, that I sometimes do consider not getting my teaching degree a lost chance. It's kind of a long and boring story why I chose not to get it, but I often think about what life would be like if I hadn't dropped "Education" as part of my major. 

Would I be working right now, or would I still be a stay at home mom? Part of "The Plan" Eric and I had outlined pre-marriage was that we would wait several years to have children after we were married, so then I could teach for a while before staying home with the kids. So even if I HAD gotten the degree our world would have been turned upside down right away anyway with our honeymoon baby. We determined long before we were married that once we had kids, that was it. I wasn't working anymore, at least until they were in school full time. So would I have considered my degree a waste at that point? Who knows! I sure don't. 


I have been ridiculously "motivated" the last few weeks to get our closets CLEANED out and organized in preparation for a new season. I am so over all of the winter clothes hanging in the girls' closet. I'm ready for thinner material and bright spring colors! So last week and I bagged up and boxed up most of anything that had a snowflake or wintery pattern on it and exchanged them for what I like to call "Spring Transition." Now there's long sleeve pastel shirts with flowers and polka dots instead of snowmen and reindeer. Hallelujah! 

Now I just need to track down some fabric storage cubes on the cheap to organize all of the shelves in our closets. (I'd take a picture of how messy it all is at the moment, It's pretty bad.) From Easter and Halloween trinkets, to hidden toys and extra sheets and clothes, the shelves are full of this-and-that and it just looks sloppy. I'm hoping some storage cubes will hide the clutter and keep me more organized. So if you know of any good deals, send them my way! I need to wrap this closet thing up before my motivation flies right out the window.


Hmm...notable changes. Well, life is about to get really crazy around here, if we can count that as a notable change. Eric took a semester off of school for the holidays, but he starts classes back up soon. This time on Monday nights instead of Tuesday nights. On top of that, he's entering into several new leadership positions that will inevitably require more of his time. He's been attending A LOT of meetings lately...for church, and rotary clubs, and political groups...and I'm honestly not sure how the man functions. I'm not sure how I'M going to function pretty soon, haha. 2012 is going to be a busy, busy year, and the further in we get, the crazier it gets. 

Help. Me. :)


So that's it! I feel like I just delivered the daily news. Sorry. I suppose when you have a lot of stuff to say, you just have to say it. No flowery words necessary. Tomorrow is FRIDAY already. Where did this week go?? I'm certainly not complaining! :)


Heather said...

Yay!!! Thanks for the shout out!!!! We are at $335 of our goal, with 6 days left to donate!

OH, and PS, will you email me your address so I can send you my payment? Will a money order be okay?

Adrien said...

A money order would be just fine. :) Emailing you!

Cassie said...

outa of all of this post i had to give a big PTL that tomorrow is friday and yes totally agree, ALREADY!! crazy!!

hang in there momma!!


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