Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Potty Parties, Money, and My First Kiss

Attention all mommies, daddies, and grandparents of little ones! If you have a child who is either going to be potty training soon, is beginning to potty train, or who needs a little encouragement to keep going, then you are invited to a "Pull-Ups Potty Dance House Party!" Huggies and are sponsoring this fun evening, which will be at our house on Saturday, February 25 at 6:30pm.

This is a party geared for the little ones, so consider it a sponsored play date of sorts. :) We'll encourage all of the kiddos to ditch the diapers and start using their potty chairs by learning "The Potty Dance" and making the idea of potty training fun. (Complete with blow up guitars, haha.) There will be kid-friendly snacks, and friends, and of course some FREE stuff to take home for both parent and child to help you on your potty training journey.

Space is limited, so let me know if you would like to attend as soon as possible in the comments below, or via email or Facebook. (Don't hesitate to come if your child is not quite ready for potty training - if they like to dance and play, they'll have fun.) Thank you to Huggies and for choosing us as a host!

P.S. We will more than likely be taking photos at the party which will be shared with our sponsor, and may or may not be used by them in the future to promote future parties. I just wanted to share this disclaimer from the beginning in case you are uncomfortable with having your photo taken.

P.P.S. If you don't have kids but would still like to hang out and spectate, let me know. There is a limited number of free gifts for each family to take home, but we can make more room for the adults to chat while the kiddos play! :)


And now for the second order of business today....
Eric wanted me to clarify something that I announced on Monday about Financial Peace University. The cost of the program includes not only taking the 13-week course, but you will also receive everything you see here to help along the way. (Eric told me the cost for our class members would be $93, but the website is currently showing $109. I'm not sure who is right, and I apologize, but I'll get you the exact number as soon as possible!) 

For the cost of your membership you will receive:
  • Full-Color FPU Workbook: The new full-color, hardback workbook will walk you step by step through all 13 of Dave's newly updated life-changing lessons.
  • High-Quality Audio CD Library: Includes all 13 lessons, plus two bonus CDs in a convenient storage case.
  • Durable Envelope System: Dave's famous, easy-to-use cash management Envelope System, now with a stylish, durable cover.
  • Dave's Best-Selling Book, Financial Peace Revisited: Over a million people have benefited from these solid money principles of common-sense money management.
  • Helpful Tidbits: New budgeting forms, bonus CDs, tip cards, debit card holders, and more.
  • Access to the Member Resource Center: Get the most out of your FPU experience with online features including budgeting software and an active discussion community for the duration of your FPU class and bonus articles, videos and more for a lifetime.
  • Lifetime Membership: With your lifetime membership, you and your spouse can attend an FPU class anywhere, any time, at no extra charge.
  • Enhanced Features: Closed Captioning and Sign Language Interpretation are now available. If you or someone in your family is in need of these features, simply ask your coordinator to turn on these options on their DVDs before class! FPU is also available in Spanish!   
Learn more about the details of your lifetime membership here

If you've ever taken a college course, then you know the cost of this program is a steal! You'll be receiving not only life changing information, but your workbook, text book, CD library, and more is included all for about $100. (My college text books cost more than that, haha.) Classes start on March 6!


So I have some time to make up for here! I skipped over the ABC blog challenge yesterday, leaving me with two letters to hit today: J - Junior High, and K - Kiss and tell.

I cannot tell a lie. I have absolutely nothing interesting to tell you about either of those things. Haha. Sometimes I wish I had a sordid and colorful past, if only to impress people at parties...but alas, I was the most boring junior high kid on the planet, and my list of kissing partners is short. Having met my husband in high school, I didn't date a lot of guys, so there ya go.

BUT...I couldn't resist a trip down to the basement to see what I could scrounge up from my past. I knew that if I could find one old shoebox buried somewhere that I would hit the junior high/kiss and tell jackpot. Because that shoebox holds within it every memory I thought was important from those years, including the journal that I wrote about my FIRST kiss in. And guess what? I found it. :)

Unfortunately many of my memories were damaged in the basement flooding we had last year. :( But, one thing that survived was the journal which I think about often. In fact, I once had a quote in this very blog's header that I read in that journal and never forgot. "Be glad you had the moment." It gave me chills the first time I saw it as I wrote down my inner-most secret junior high thoughts. Haha.

So in the spirit of combining the two challenge themes today, I thought I'd just share some snippets from the 'ole journal. (I can't believe I'm doing this...)

*All names were changed to protect the helpless victims of my past. Haha. But I didn't alter a word. Eeep!

My Journal. Enjoy.

April 25 '99

I bet if you asked 10 different people what the definition of love is, you would get 10 different answers. I'm absolutely clueless about the subject. All I know is Bob is on my mind now, and has been for a while. This sounds really stupid, especially since he has a girlfriend....

April 28 '99

Today at practice, we were doing relays for fun and Bob picked me to be on his team! Honestly though, I'm really beginning to like another guy, too. Larry. He's okay. More juicy gossip tomorrow!

May 10 '99

I don't really like Bob anymore. But I do like Larry. 

(No more dates - but Larry is clearly out of the picture by now, too. Baha.)

I have a feeling that any day now Clive is going to come up to me and ask me out for Buddy. I'm going to say no, but when he asks why I won't know what to say. I mean, one of the real reasons is because I like Clive so much! I kind of have my blinders on now, and he's the only boy I really like. Although I'm starting to like Peter. If only they knew what was going on in my crazy head. I can't believe Clive has a girlfriend! I'm not trying to be rude, but BARF. I just can't see them together. We had a lesson on sex and marriage and I think everyone's hormones are out of whack!

^^^ Bahahaha....

(And then later...)

I found out from Buddy that Clive never shuts up about me!! I will tell Buddy to tell Clive that if he ever asked me out I would probably say yes. See, I can't ask him out, because he has a girlfriend. I would just look like a dork. I have to wait for him to make the call.  

...All of my girlfriends plus Clive and Buddy and George were going to have a little party. You know a sleep over thing. Well, our parents strongly disagreed. "You're too old to be having those kind of parties." They don't trust us. It's like, what the freakin heck? Anyway, we're going to get together and watch movies instead....

...It's been 4-ever since I wrote, but I had to write this very important date down. I'm going out with Clive!! Oh man, this is great. We just started going out tonight. He's supposed to call me tomorrow. Now I can write I <3 Clive all over everything....

...Everyone picks on us because we never hold hands or kiss. Well I'm going to change all that. I'll make MY move.....

...It finally happened! My first kiss! With Clive Alowishus Snickerdoodle. We were walking with a group of friends and the next thing I know we were all alone. He was like, "How do you feel about kissing?" I couldn't even tell ya what I said! I was just sooo nervous. The next thing I know we were playing tonsil hockey! Now his mom wants to take me out to eat.

^^^Bah! I'm dying! Can't... breathe.... :D


Oh my LANTA. There was much more...but I think I hit a few high notes. :) What a fickle little thing I was. Oh, junior high. Oh kissing and telling. If my 13 year old self knew that I would be publishing those words for the world to see one day I would have been absolutely mortified. I'm still a little mortified, but I also think it's pretty hilarious to walk down memory lane. :)

So after all of THAT...don't forget to let me know if you're interested in attending the potty party with your littles or if you would like to join us for FPU! 

Toilet parties, personal finance, and my first kiss. I think this is just about the strangest post I have ever written. :) Later taters!


Heather said...

I definitely want to do the finance class. I think. Let me know what i all need to do.

Melissa W. said...

"Now I can write I <3 Clive all over everything...." Hahahaha

Another great post....

"Alowishus Snickerdoodle"...that's a good one, too!!

Totally great. Thanks for the chuckles...

Adrien said...

I will let you know Heather as soon as I'm 100% what the cost will be. :)

Haha, thanks, Melissa. I think I just confused people today. Glad YOU get me. :)


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