Monday, February 6, 2012


I feel so out of the loop from missing just one day of everyone's blogs last week, but I gotta say, we had an awesome time with our family this weekend. (Did you expect anything else? Man, that vacation STUNK. Ha.) But our mini-cation isn't over quite yet. We're going to try our very hardest to fulfill a promise to a once disappointed two year old and go out for games and pizza this afternoon. Evie has no idea, and we're keeping it that way. Because, if things should fall through again,  I don't think I could bear that genuinely sad voice and those tear-welled eyes.

Since we're still enjoying some lazy-paced time with Eric at home I don't have time to type out a long trip report. That'll have to wait until tomorrow! Until then, here's a few quick peeks of the memories we made this weekend.

This is a look at the kitchen in our condo:

We thought we were living large in this place - that is until we saw the other condo where the "grown-ups" were staying (which is where we spent most of our time.) Haha. I snapped a lot of pictures of our home away from home, so I'll give you the full tour tomorrow. It's gonna be picture overload, I'm afraid. :)

Evie and Grace had no problems making themselves at home....

...or causing their usual mischief.

The girls spent a good portion of the weekend wearing these....

Gracie hates hats, but I love them. Sorry, girlfriend. :)

There was a little bit of this:

A LOT of eating around that:

And we had fun celebrating this:

Overall it was a weekend of joy and merriment.

Tomorrow's post will be the longest post in the history of posts. I'm going to start warming my fingers up in anticipation. :) 


Melissa W. said...

<3 it!! I can hardly wait for tomorrow's post!! : )

Heather said...

Yay! Can't wait til tomorrow!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Bring on the pictures!

Cassie said...

ohhh excited for tomorrow!!

oh grace, girl you crack me up!! lol. too funny.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm it looks really great!

Love the picture of the cildren with the hands on the winsow LOL
They will know you where there LOL


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