Monday, February 27, 2012

Update Monday

Hello there. Happy Monday.

-My house is a wreck.
-My kids are being cute.
-I'm addicted to "Pop" foods. Popcorn and popsicles, namely.

We spent a lot of time away from home this weekend, so there is a shortage of random pictures of my kiddos. Which is strange, because we have a new camera. What is wrong with me? I should have our entire computer storage crammed up again by now.

We celebrated birthdays, had a fun night out with friends, and did the rest of our normal weekend routine. Nothing new around these parts. :) So it's one of those "reminder" Mondays around here.

Reminder #1: Financial Peace University is coming up around the corner. We are definitely going to be meeting at the new church building in a conference room for our classes each week. I have NO CLUE how many people are going to be there. We have had dozens of folks mention that they are coming or want to come, but only a few who have purchased their kits or said for certain that they will be there. So there could be over twenty, and there could be four of us. Haha.

Please let us know if the money is an issue (each kit costs $93). We want you to do this program if you haven't already, or even if you have, and we'll try to work with you however we can. :) It's possible that we may get some last-minute payments, so don't hesitate to show up to the first class if you don't have your materials. We will make copies of what you need until your kit straggles in.

Speaking of the new church building, we snapped a few pictures this weekend of the sanctuary to show our church members on Sunday. They were laying carpet on the stage while we were there.

This room... big...

...and it has a lot of lights. :)

It kind of cracks me up that a facility of this size is in our tiny town. Need a ridiculously large venue for your next event? Here ya go. :) We're a church "on the grow" what can I say?

This building was constructed by hundreds of volunteers from all over the country and even our little town (representing lots of different churches, by the way... thank you, community). It was built with blood, sweat, and prayer. Lots and lots of prayer.

Obviously this will be the new home for our church family to meet for services every week, but what you may not know is that the men and women who have poured years of their lives into this project didn't do so so that the baptists could have a cool hang out at the end of the day. This building was made to be a blessing to the entire community, used by one and all. Life Network has already claimed their wing of offices, and they have started moving in. What a blessing for expectant young mamas in our area who might be scared or needing supplies for their new baby to come and receive free medical care and/or counseling and classes from people who truly love and care for them. We are happy to have them utilizing part of this building for our community.

Our multi-purpose building can be used to host a lot of different events, including some fun programs for kids (which are already set in place.) We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome. Always.

And that is that.

Kit includes:
Canon XTi camera body
8-55mm zoom lens
32 GB flash card
battery and charger

Reminder #2: Our "old" camera is officially for sale! We have had lots and lots of inquiries, and people  are still scheduling to look at it, but no one has for sure claimed it for themselves yet! We are selling our entire camera kit for $100 less than we would list it for on craigslist, should a friend decide that they want it. We want to offer a deal to friends first. If you are interested, please contact me through Facebook or email, because that is the official way to get in line. :)

Reminder #3 - I still have potty training freebies for those in our area. Let me know if you want! (If you are related to Laura Chapman and you have inquired about these freebies, Laura has them for you. Hehe. Oh, and hello! And thanks for reading.) :)

And now I'm out of reminders.

So how was YOUR weekend? Do anything fun? Let me know! Hope you all have a great week. We can do this thing. Ready, set, go. :)


Melissa W. said...

The sanctuary looks amazing!! I can't wait to see the finished project. It has definitely been a long project in the works...but it is proving to be an incredible space already!!!

I'd be interested in emailing you about the camera - but I don't have facebook and I don't know your email - could you email me, please???

...and I spent the weekend in your neck of the woods again - my sisters & I (along with the kiddos) had a slumber party - hopefully I'll get a little time to blog about it later.

Happy Monday!!

Heather said...

Are you hinting at me about the financial classes? :) I have a feeling you are. I was planning on doing it, but paying off my loan took a bit more $$ than I expected. Sorry!!! But, I did get a very long, drawn out loan paid off so YAY Heather!

Eric Robert said...

Congrats on paying off your loan, Heather!

If you want to attend FPU but you're short on funds for the membership kit please let us know. For anyone reading Adrien's blog: we totally get it, and we don't want the membership fee to stop anyone that wants to learn from attending. Solving money issues is that whole reason we're doing the class!

While I can't guarantee an unlimited number of kits, we can get you into the class either way. Trust me, it will be well worth your time!

Adrien said...

Haha, Heather - no, not just you. To anyone who was interested. :) But darn! I was hoping to get to hang out!

Melissa, I'll email you after lunch. :)

Larry E Dunn said...

Thanks for the potty training info and for making me laugh daily!


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