Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adventures in Potty Training

Dear Eric,

I love you, but...dude. Last night you slept diagonally. I slept in a triangle of space, and I am not a triangle. I tried shaking you, waking you, and moving you, but my puny muscles were powerless against your girth. I did learn a couple of things last night that are probably useful to know.

1.) If you ever pass out on train tracks we're up a creek. I probably couldn't even drag your dead man-weight.
2.) Love knows no bounds. Instead of wanting to spit in your morning coffee, I giggled thinking about how hilarious you would find this today.

So please, if you can help it, don't ever pass out on train tracks. Sleep straight. And I love you.



We're going to talk a lot about poop today. So fair warning. :)

Yesterday was wonderful, I cannot even tell you. I felt relatively normal, we had a bbq dinner with my parents...I actually got to go outside and enjoy the weather. I'm so thankful for my parents on Monday nights! If there is one thing I will always remember from home, it's bbq night. My parents don't know how to do just a little bit of anything when it comes to the grill. There's a ton of meat, and a million sides, and it's all de-lish-us.

Since I still wasn't back to 100% I didn't feel like lugging the camera around and taking pictures yesterday, so instead I'm going to completely shift gears and update this little blog on Evelyn's potty training progress. I haven't written much about this childhood adventure, which is a crying shame. One of the reasons I write here at all is so that I can chronicle the lives of my babies and have something to look back on one day. How could I leave out such an important toddler milestone? So here it goes.

Evelyn is a champion pooper. I'm just going to put that out there. I haven't changed a poopy Evie diaper in MONTHS. Hallelujah! She has done her fair share of tinkling as well, but heaven forbid if she has to have a messy diaper - can't say that I blame her. And this is the reason why we ditched our normal potty chair a long time ago for this thing:

Because poop and plastic pots are not fun.

Even when we're out and about she'll stop whatever she's doing to use the bathroom. Last week at my parents house Evelyn suddenly said, "Um, I want to go home." I have never heard her utter such words before. So I asked her why she wanted to leave. And that's when she said, "I have to go use my big girl potty!" My mom and I started cracking up. Evie soon learned that she could do her business in any toilet she wanted. There was joyous fanfare and celebrating following this revelation. My baby is growing up. *Tear.*

When it comes to going pee-pee on the potty it's a whole other story. She has done it. She likes doing it. But she gets discouraged easily. When she wears underwear for the day, she'll usually remember to use the potty the first couple of times and stay dry, but inevitably there is an accident. And as soon as she has ONE accident, she wants to wear her diaper again. Because I haven't been really pushy with the whole potty thing thus far, I've pretty much let her call the shots on this one. I've heard too many horror stories of training before kids are ready. Eeesh. Definitely don't want to go there. But I'm pretty sure she IS more than ready, haha...and at least one, but probably both of us, need to man up and just get it over with.

So starting tomorrow, we're doing this thing. I'm going to spend today psyching Evie up for "no more diapers EVER!" And then tomorrow...we're going to give it a valiant effort. For real this time.

It's no surprise to me that my child would do everything backwards from the average kid. That's pretty much Evelyn's style. I've helped train several little ones over the years in daycare and at home, and I have never ever seen a kid poop regularly on the potty before they pee. I've seen kids terrified to poop on the potty; I've seen them absolutely refuse no matter what bribery was offered. So I guess I'm lucky that the hard part is over, right? Haha.

Alright, I'm feeling the need to leave you with an image that has nothing to do with the "p" word. Here ya go:

Who doesn't love a nice rainbow? 

Wish us luck. Tomorrow could be verrry interesting. :)


Melissa W. said...

GT is potty trained -- it took me telling him that they didn't make his diapers anymore. I went to the store to buy them...and they were out. Little white lie, means no more diapers for my big boy!!

Sounds like she'll have no prob once she doesn't have the diapers to fall back on. Too many times of wet panties and she'll stop that, I'm sure!!

Best of luck!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Gook luck. I'm sure she will do great!

Ashley Mitchell said...

*Good :)

Jackie said...

Loreli is the same way...she would rather poop on the potty then go pee....makes no sense to me either!


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