Friday, March 9, 2012

Confession Friday 3-9!

So I couldn't get on the internet yesterday morning. I called Eric and asked if he could just hop on the old blogeroo and say a few words so as to not leave anyone hanging. Something like this would have worked:

"Hey, guys. Adrien can't get on the internet today, but she wanted me to let you know that she should be back tomorrow. Have a nice day."

Obviously, that did not get accomplished. Thank you, dear. :p

I confess that every time I see a picture like this on Facebook, it cracks me up.

Yes, you can balance a broom at the solstice or equinox. Or...on any other day of the year. :)

^^ I confess that I had an astronomy professor once who always said, "Soltice" and it drove me insane. SolSTICE, SolSTICE. You're an astronomy professor for crying out loud! She was a pretty interesting lady, though...had a really neat laser pointer. :)

I confess that Evelyn's new word of choice makes me giggle. To her, everything is "cute." "Oh, that baby is sooo cute!" "That show was too cute!" And my personal favorite, "Mama, you're cute!"

I confess that the most annoying part of potty training (for me) is NOT the accidents. It's all the times Evelyn says she has to potty when she really doesn't. I can't tell you how much time I've wasted watching Evelyn sit and hum at the wall.

I confess that I really don't care when Evie is potty trained, because I dread the day we have to stop every ten minutes in public for our kid to use the bathroom. Diapers are just so convenient! Haha.

I confess that I am ready to eat my weight in barbecue for every other meal. Come on, warm weather. Let's speed it up a little!

I confess that Eric revealed to me the secret to every man's happiness this week. I have to say, it was not a revelation. :)

I confess that I woke up this morning laughing my BUTT off. I must've had a really funny dream, haha. I think Eric thinks I'm nuts, but seriously...I laughed at nothing forever after that. Not a horrible way to start the day, I suppose.

I confess that there are some great sales for things I think I need this weekend, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be turning on the charm with the hubs this evening. Ohhhh Eric.... :)

I confess that I'm wearing old frumpy clothes, I have a rat's nest in the back of my hair, and I need a shower. I should be bothered by this, but I'm sure I'll stay this way until I absolutely have to get off of this couch.

I confess that I'm sooo excited for Evie's birthday this year! Getting closer. Still not close, but closer!


Speaking of birthdays, we would like to wish our friend Meagan a big fat Happy Birthday today! I miss your blogs, girl!

The weather looks extremely promising this weekend, and I am beyond excited about it. Maybe I will finally get to take the new camera out for a spin. Hope you all do something FUN!


Heather said...

I confess I just went to McDonalds on the hunt for a bargain lunch and got a chicken sandwich. I knew it was a bargain...but I was expecting chicken and some fixins...what I got was chicken and 2 pickles. That's it. 2 pickles.

Melissa W. said...

I'm cracking up, because I think that the confession about the things you think you want and the revelation by Eric of the key to every man's happiness - could be related...get busy, Adrien!! : )

I heard from a book once: Why put off something that takes only a few minutes (depending) and ends up making your Mister SOOOO HAPPY!!!

Are you picking up what I'm throwing down???

Eric Robert said...

Thank you for backing me up, Melissa! I tried explaining that chocolate chip cookies take less than 15 minutes total. Twice a week, and we're completely set!

Adrien said...

Baha, Melissa!

Yes, Eric. Chocolate chip cookies. ;)

sblind2 said...

I'm the SAME way about potty training....I could really care less when Brody is!


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