Thursday, March 1, 2012

Growing Girls - February 2012

I had so many words stored up for February. We did so much and had a great time as a family. Every time Evelyn would come up with a new crazy story or Grace would start a cute habit I would think, Hurry and write this down or you're going to forget it forever!

The problem is, I didn't write it all down, and some of it probably will be forgotten forever. Boo. But even if there are specific things that elude me, I know that it's all summed up in a smile. We did a lot of smiling this month. And remembering that is enough to know that it was a good time to be a mom. :)

We took a mini-cation at the beginning of February, which was a wonderful getaway for our family. We needed it!

Randomly one day Evelyn started telling grand stories about the "North Poles" and we couldn't figure out what in the world she was talking about. Carefully counting them out on her fingers, Evie would explain that there are three north poles; The hot north pole, the cold north pole, and the playground north pole. It took us nearly a week to figure out what she was actually trying to describe, and it turns out it was from vacation. (Kids. They always know what their talking about, even if we don't!)

Cold North Pole = the condo swimming pool
Hot North Pole = the condo hot tub
Playground North Pole = the water park we visited

Pole/Pool....sounds kind of similar, right? Haha. Once we translated her toddler speak, the stories started making much more sense. :) 

We celebrated Valentine's Day and with it Gracie became a kissing fool! She's my little smooch monster. We never know when she's going to strike, but when we hear "mmmmmm" coming our way, we know that Gracie is gearing up for a big wet one. More than once I have been dozing on the couch when I hear Grace coming at me with a kiss. There is nothing cuter than being awoken Sleeping Beauty style by an adorable little girl. Love her!

One of the perks of being a mom of young kids is the entertainment that comes from spying on the littles when their not looking. :) Those are the moments that I'll never catch on camera, because they are hilarious and fleeting, and there's a fear that if I step away for one minute then something precious might be missed. I can't even tell you how many times I've summoned Eric to "Get over here!" when the girls were doing something spy-worthy. One of my favorites this month was catching the girls slow-dancing with each other in the living room. Be still my heart!

They are growing as sisters. They are growing as girls. Their imaginations are obviously taking off. Evelyn's ability to make stuff up on the fly assures me that she takes after her mother, and therefore, we have many years of solid entertainment ahead of us. I'm pretty sure I didn't start telling tales about my imaginary boyfriends until I was three or four, so Evie has a good year on me. :) I'm still cracking up about her "cousin's dog's neighbor." What in the world? :D

Oh, and speaking of boyfriends, Evelyn has officially entered the stage where she is little miss match-maker to all of her toys. I've caught Barbie and Woody making out on multiple occasions. They are the golden couple at the moment. Don't tell Barbie, but I'm pretty sure Woody and Ariel were getting cozy the other day. That Woody...a ladies man, I tell ya.

I am so glad that Evelyn outgrew her fear of the bathtub. Once again, bubble baths are a favorite activity. In fact, we're getting ready to head that way right now. I finished up this post while we were eating lunch, and now my little darlings are covered head to toe in pizza sauce.

So many wonderful moments in February. And now it's March. Ah...the month of promise. The month of Spring. And with it comes walks and days outside and kite flying and all of those other wonderful March-y things. It's about to get much more interesting around here!


Heather said...

I've been waiting all day for this post!!! Your girls make me want a houseful of kids, just for pure entertainment purposes!

Adrien said...

Your encouragement keeps me going, girl! :)

Melissa W. said...

Another great post!! I need to do a better job of recapping the happenings in our family. You do such a great job of capturing those moments.

P.S I missed you the other day.

Heather said...

We have to stick together...the last 2 Red Bud bloggers!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

But when we hear "mmmmmm" coming our way, we know that Gracie is gearing up for a big wet one. this! Nothing like a big kiss from your baby!

Joy said...

Adrien, I left you a blog award on my blog! Check it out, girly! :)


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