Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mysterious Guests and Sunny Days

I always run a risk when I choose not to blog at night after the kids are asleep. Depending on their moods the next morning I may or may not ever get to blog at all, haha. But after spending so much time outside yesterday I was wiped OUT and so ready to get some sleep.

Which brings me to right now. It's after lunch and I'm just now able to sit down for a few minutes. Anytime I tried to get on the computer this morning Grace would promptly close the screen on me, little stinker. :)

I believe I left off yesterday with the girls and I pulling into our driveway on Saturday night to a creepy surprise. When I leave the house during the day I never think to turn the porch light on for myself to see by that night. Because that would be the smart thing to do, of course. So as we turned the corner on our street we began to slowly approach a very dark and quiet house waiting at the top of the driveway.

I had two sleepy girls in the backseat, and as many mothers do, I was planning out just how I would get both of my babies in the house safely by myself. We live on a ridiculously busy street which many morons fly down, and Evie runs straight for the road if I'm not paying attention for one second. So my mind was busy formulating a plan when I looked up and saw the outline of what looked like a hunched over stranger sitting in the dark on our front porch.

They were stock-still and facing forward as if waiting for someone to come home. My heart jumped into my throat. There was no way I was getting out of my car - especially with precious cargo in the backseat. I quickly decided to just turn around in the driveway and go back to my parent's house until Eric could join us later. And that's when I got a closer look at our mysterious visitor. I knew I had seen this person before...somewhere. I started cracking up.

Meet Vernita:

I had seen this thing sitting in our church foyer one Sunday, so I knew someone had left us this little surprise - I just didn't know why. :) I got the girls out of the car and began approaching our visitor. I'm not gonna lie, I knew she was a doll and it still creeped me out in the pitch dark. She is one scary looking lady by moonlight, haha. She was holding a note, which I grabbed, and we shuffled through the front door.

Long story short, our church is doing a fundraiser, and Vernita is making her rounds to let people know about it. Sort of like a fundraising "Boo." I have a feeling I know who left this little lady on our doorstep, and they will probably get a kick out of reading how much drama she caused in our household. Cause the fun wasn't over yet. Eric still had to come home. Haha.

A couple of hours later the girls and I were snuggling in bed when we heard the garage door opening, signaling that Eric had finally pried himself away from the dinner he was hosting. And of course the first thing out of Eric's mouth when he came inside was, "What is that thing on our front porch??"

Poor Eric was terrified when he pulled into the garage. He was afraid of what he would find once he got inside...had his family been abducted? Would the furniture be turned upside down? A 48 Hours Mystery was brewing in his head as he got out of the car. Unlike me, Eric never pays attention to anything, so he had never seen Vernita hanging around the church like I had. Even after I explained to him what she was, he was still creeped out. I won't tell you exactly what he said, haha.

I made Eric take a picture of her the next morning, because you have to see her to truly appreciate her. :) I think it's a cute idea to spread the word about something, but holy moly, Vernita  just about caused a family heart attack around here! 

I really didn't mean for this story to turn into a novel. Whoops! Today's post was supposed to be about all of the fun we had yesterday...because we really did have A LOT of fun! Oh, it was glorious. The sun was shining, the wind was warm, and we had a blast hanging out on our back patio blowing bubbles and then visiting with my parents again. Monday nights are Eric's new school nights, so we always have dinner with my family on Mondays. The girls swung and ran around and drove power wheels. We took a walk and played at the park. Let's just say, the baths that they got after lunch yesterday were a complete waste, because by the time the sun was setting they were grubby little messes! (Can't say that I was much better, haha.)

I didn't get pictures of it all, but I did manage to snap a few of our bubble-blowing shenanigans. 

And I think we might get ready for an encore. Right about...now!

We can't let a gorgeous day go to waste. :)

Hope you have a SUNNY day!


Cassie said...

good to see 3/4s of your cute little family last night.

ps - i spy some christmas lights STILL up. haha. too funny.

Eric Robert said...

Cassie - the sad thing is those Christmas lights are up...from Gracie's birthday party. Every time I go on the porch and notice them I think, "Holy cow, I can't believe I still haven't taken those down!"

Ashley Mitchell said...

Vernita would have freaked me out too! She is pretty creepy!

Heather said...

Lol...I love that lady, and don't worry, I never remember to turn lights on for when I come home late at night either.

Love Evie's facial expressions in the bubble pictures. Homegirl cracks me up.

Adrien said...

Haha, yup. Guilty. Lights up from October! But Eric, don't you think we should just leave them up as *party* lights? Yes? :)

Evelyn loved those darn bubbles. Her face was cracking me up, too. :D


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