Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Random Tuesday

Baha. Sometimes I'm really bad about getting busy and not checking later comments on my blog posts. So let me just clear up a little confusion about something I posted yesterday.

This cracks me up. :)

Eric has changed HUNDREDS of poopy diapers. Never you fear. ;) This weekend he did so without any complaining, bless his little heart. Yeah, I don't think I'd say "I do" to someone who wasn't willing to do a little dirty work. This isn't the first time an anonymous poster has misread something I've written and then confused people.

Speaking of anonymous posters...my favorite anonymous comment ever was when someone tried to make me look stupid by arguing that Europe does not, in fact, begin and end with the same letter, as I claimed. :D Yes. I am an idiot. Thank you for gracing my blog with your superior intellect.

In other news...

It's supposed to be 74 degrees today. Woot! Check it:

Too bad it's also supposed to be extremely windy. So I'm not sure how much good use we'll get out of this weather. Ah, well!

Alright, seriously. I have nothing to blog about today. :) I do, however, have a lot to do. So I think I'll catch up on a little ABC Blog Challenge!

Day T - Thing or Two About

Hmmm....what do I know a thing or two about? Let's see.

*Breastfeeding. Yes. I know a thing or two about this.. Been doing it nonstop for over two years - nearly three. What I don't know is how in the world do I STOP?? Gracie does not want to give it up. At all. I'm still waiting for someone to give me some magic tips on this one, cause I'm over it.

*Kids. I'm the oldest of five, I worked in daycare for years, I've nannied, studied them in college, and then finally had a couple of my own. I won't be writing a book any time soon, but seriously...caring for kids is pretty much the only job I'm qualified for anymore, haha.

*Disney World. I can navigate the parks without ever having been there. We just got some brand new customized park maps in the mail for our future trip (which has an unofficial date...almost two years from now. Sigh.) I know where to eat when, where to sleep and why, the best weeks of the year to go, which days to visit which parks, where the best characters hang out, which rides have height requirements, how to navigate fast passes and the disney dining plan, which foods to try and avoid....I could go on and on and on.... I might be a little bit obsessed.

*The three things you aren't supposed to discuss at parties: politics, faith, and money. :) I know just enough about each of these things to make me dangerous. Haha. Two of the three I can blame on the hubs. The other is just who I am.


Now I'm off to fix my kiddos some lunch. I'm not sure if we'll be braving the elements later or not - that wind sure is howling out there. If you've been out, let me know how it is! Hope you have a great day. Tonight is the first FPU class. Woot!


Heather said...

This past weekend my sister informed me that they will be going to Disney next year...my first thought was "I wonder if she'll take Adrien with her".

Adrien said...

Haha, take meeeee. :)

Glingdidit said...

Oh the joys of being ready to stop breastfeeding...a thing I know a bit about. I nursed Addison until she was almost 18 months (yowza!) because she DID NOT want to let go of it (literally...ha). Anyway....after a few too many bites, and me being beyond exhausted of the confinement it brings (she was obviously wanting it for comfort)...we decided to find a nice, easier way for her to be done. Once we got down to only morning and night feedings, we planned a weekend away. (I figured it would be easier for her to make the change if she couldn't smell me and see me.) Honestly...worked like a charm. Sent her with her sippy cups (which she was already used to) to a friends house for 2 nights, enjoyed some time to ourselves (bonus), and that was that. I had to hide all of the boppy's though (the sight of them would totally remind her what she was missing....so they had to go), and we substituted in super special snacks before bedtime, and lots (LOTS) of bedtime stories and snuggles in the morning. There were still a few nights where she'd suddenly remember that she wanted to nurse....but they came and went pretty quickly. Within a few week's time...life without nursing was totally normal for her. Also, when we did it that way...I think I only had like a day of discomfort where I had to pump...and then it was fine. Best wishes!!!

Glingdidit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adrien said...

Ginny - great advice, thanks! The thought actually did occur to me once that I would have to physically separate myself for a couple of nights, so I'm glad to hear that worked for you! (Evelyn stopped when she was away from me while I was in the hospital with Grace. But by that point Evie was only nursing at night and was ready to be done, anyway.) Looks like I need to talk Eric into a weekend away. :)

Anonymous said...

I always wonder what the comments said before authors delete? I read comments occassionally but never really came across really rude ones, so this intrigues me : )

Be sure to do a follow up on the FB course...we've read all the books (well I have) and for the most part were already on track with what Dave was suggesting, but it was still good to have a little back up on our reasoning! Hearing that there was a course being offered locally excited me and I thought of attending, but again, we're already doing much of what Dave says so wasn't sure it was worth my time away from the kiddos in the evening. BUT there were a few friends that I WANTED to send to FP for their own bank account's sake hahaha....

Love your blog! One day while passing through RB I'll probably look over and see you pushing the stroller and think 'ha! I know that girl!' Kinda...lol

Cassie said...

God love Anny, you know Anonymous commentors who won't leave a name, just something nasty. My my my they need a life.

Regardless I was pumped for the weather this morning too and then holy wind. Boo. I wana go for a stroller walk ASAP!!

Melissa W. said...

politics, faith, and money...

So...when are we getting together for dinner?

I'll bring my kids and hubby...you bring yours.

Guaranteed we will allllll have a blast!

Melissa W. said...

politics, faith, and money...

So...when are we getting together for dinner?

I'll bring my kids and hubby...you bring yours.

Guaranteed we will allllll have a blast!


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