Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tea for Two!

Gracie took a long nap yesterday afternoon, and Evelyn was just itching to get outside. We obviously couldn't go very far without little sister in tow, so I opened up the back patio door and Evie got a real treat. :)

Being the oldest in my family growing up, I know exactly what it's like to not being able to play with all of your toys whenever you want. Younger siblings sometimes have one thing in mind: destroy, destroy, destroy. Haha. Our dear friend Helen gave the girls a cute little tea set last Fall, mostly for the basket that it came in, but of course Evelyn fell in love with all of the tiny cups and saucers inside. Unfortunately, Grace's favorite game was chucking those porcelain peices across the room, so the poor set had to be shelved.

I thought yesterday was the perfect time to let Evie get the tea set out and play while Grace snoozed peacefully away. And oh my...I nearly cried watching her play.

Her chubby little fingers fumbled with the teeny tiny peices. 

Evelyn decided that her teapot held lemonade instead of tea. :)

It was so peaceful and quiet outside. Evie was so content. I'm not sure who had more fun. :) Sometimes it's wonderful to spend one-on-one time with just one of your babies. They are just so different when they are on their own. Lately Evie and I have gotten a really close bond, and I'm soaking in every single moment of it. Meanwhile, Grace is becoming a real daddy's girl. It's super cute to watch our daughters go through different stages. None of them last for long, so we just go with it as they come. I'm pretty sure Eric is loving all of the extra Gracie cuddle time he's been getting lately, too.

Life is good.

Lesson Three: Cash Flow Planning

Last night was the first in a series of very practical lessons in FPU: Cash Flow Planning. Also known as...the dreaded BUDGET lesson. Dun dun dun...haha.

Dave spends a lot of time in the first part of this lesson dispelling the myths of what a budget is and what it isn't. Many people, especially those who have never written down their personal finances "on paper, on purpose" dread making a budget. They see it as a straight jacket on their personal life, and honestly, just a big pain in the rear. But what he wants his audience to get is that when you do a budget and really stick to it, it's not restricting AT ALL. In fact, it's freeing. Telling your money where to go instead of watching your money disappear will give you a sense of control, and you'll probably find you have more to work with than you thought when money isn't flying out the window every week.

What I LOVE about FPU are the discussions after we watch the lesson every Tuesday night. It's one thing for Dave to tell you something, and it's another to hear your friends talk about how it's so TRUE, and how it worked for them. After learning the nuts and bolts of making a "zero-based budget" we were able to talk about our fears and concerns about making our budgets, as well as our past successes. There is no greater encouragement then having folks who have been there, done that tell you to just DO IT, because you won't regret it. 

The conversations and stories shared in our discussions are the heart and soul of the entire FPU program, which is why I encourage anyone who can to find a class near them and start as soon as possible. Anyone can pick up one Dave's books and read it on their own, but it's so much more effective to dig through the muck with other people in the same boat as you, helping, encouraging, and holding each other accountable every step of the way. 


Hope you guys are having a great day and a great week! I'm not sure what our afternoon will hold, but if the weather stays nice I know one thing: it's gonna be good! :)


Heather said...

Thanks for posting these free little tidbits from the classes...I'm really enjoying them.

Ashley Mitchell said...

Diddo, to what Heather said!

Adrien said...

You're welcome! Glad you're enjoying them! :)


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