Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Water Water Everywhere!

I can't even believe I'm writing this, but it's March, and yesterday we did WATER PLAY outside. The girls had a blast, and I think we might have even gotten a little bit of sun. Shocker! From what I hear it's warmer in the Midwest right now than it is in California. This is insane, but I'm not going to complain about it. :)

We don't have a water table (yet!) so I decided to improvise with the girls yesterday and fill up some bowls and containers with a little bit of colored water and let them have at it. It may be the hillbilly way, but I'm almost certain the girls didn't mind that we had a makeshift set up. :) If you don't have a water table at your house, this worked perfectly for us. 

I grabbed different "water toys" that were already sitting in my cabinets: cups, a funnel, a colander, measuring cups, and anything else I could find. I colored the water so they could see it more easily when they were playing. I think this goes without saying, but just in case someone isn't thinking one day make sure to only add a drop or two of color to the water...unless you want to soon be taking care of smurf children. Haha.

Evie loved how the colander made the water fall like rain. :)

My mother-in-law always says that if you give kids water to play with outside they'll entertain themselves all day long...and it's so true! We didn't need a pool or a running hose...just some cups and bowls. I brought an extra pitcher of water out with us and set it to the side so that I could refill bowls when they needed it. This worked wonderfully - we didn't have to stop the fun for refills. And since Grace's favorite game was "dump the bowl" we definitely needed the extra water. :)

It didn't take long for Evelyn to figure out a little girl's childhood truth: that dolls make excellent water toys. On her own, she looked up, said "I need to get my Barbies!" and ran into the house. She managed to track down her Ariel doll and she got a big kick out of making her swim in the water. Haha, she kept dipping Ariel's head into the water and saying, "Ariel is gorgeous, mama. She is fashion. She is sooo fashion-y."

I almost tricked myself into believing it was a warm summer day. It certainly felt like it! The girls came inside after this and fell asleep almost immediately. Water, fresh air, and sun is the perfect recipe for a zonked-out child. I forgot how much I appreciated getting to burn off energy outside! We'll definitely be doing this again, but I do want to track down a real water table this season. If you have one that you love, let me know! I always appreciate recommendations. 

Lesson 2: Relating With Money

Last night was one of my favorite FPU lessons of the series, and I wasn't even able to go to class! We didn't have a babysitter last night, but luckily I know where to get the dvd's. :) So even though I missed out on the discussion I was still able to watch the lesson and be refreshed on relationships and money.

Dave tells a story at the beginning of the lesson about the President and First Lady. One day while the couple was being driven on the campaign trail they needed to stop for gas at the gas station. The attendant hurried out and began to fill the car with gasoline, and when the First Lady saw who it was, she jumped out of the car and started having a really animated conversation with him. After a few minutes she got back into the car and the President said, "What was that all about? Who was he?"

"Oh, he was my high school boyfriend," she replied with a smile.

The President got a bit of a chuckle out of this. "Let me get this straight. You could have married a gas station attendant, and instead you married the President of the United States," he said.

The First Lady looked up with a grin. "Who are you kidding?" she replied. "If I would have married him, HE would be the president!"

Behind every great man, right ladies? :)

I love this lesson because it touches on so many different relationships and how they are affected by money. Spouses, friends, kids...there's a lot of statistics in this one and even more great advice. The biggest point I take away from this lesson is that "what you do with your money screams loudly who you are." Where your money goes tells everyone what's important to you and what you value most. It's the reason why it's SO important for couples to be on the same page when it comes to this stuff...future goals, priorities, and values are all reflected in the family budget. Man, I wish I could show this video to all of you. SO GOOD!


One of these days I'll get back to the ABC Blog Challenge! So close yet so far away. :) I'm off to make lunch for my kiddos. Happy Wednesday!


Melissa W. said...

Love this!!

Totally going to do this with GT.

We are definitely loving this weather, too!! We've been on two walks in two days!! That means two stops at the playground!!

...and I know exactly what you mean about the fresh air knocking the kiddos out. We all took a two hour nap yesterday after our little outing.

So...when are we going to get together to play??? :-)

Cassie said...

yay for cheap good fun!

evie cracks me up. she is so fashion-y. lol. love it!

ps - how did i totally forget FPU started. CRAPPPPPPPP!!
but yes so true about money. ugh can i borrow that video?!

Ashley Mitchell said...

i think i need that video too! makes sense!

Adrien said...

Melissa, where do you live, again? Do you come to the area often? :)

Man, if it were up to me I'd be handing out FPU videos to everyone I saw! They don't belong to me unfortunately, haha.


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