Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Living

Ah.... For the last two weekends we've just been taking it easy around here. It doesn't make for super exciting blog posts, but it sure is nice to relax sometimes instead of constantly being on the go, go, go. We hung out at home, watched movies, played with kiddos, and didn't cook - which is probably my favorite part of every weekend. :) We also spent a lot of time lying around while laughing our tooshies off at the most random things possible. Including, but not limited to: ideas to prank our neighbors and Eric's favorite: the speedo burrito. Don't ask!

We did venture out on Saturday evening, though. Eric cleaned up and slapped on a tie to host the annual Lincoln Day Dinner for our county, and the girls and I enjoyed celebrating my big little brother's 21st birthday. Boohoo! Twenty-one??

When we arrived at my parent's house we found that the birthday boy was in the backyard assembling the family's new trampoline. You may not remember this, but we laid the old trampoline to rest last Fall after it took one too many trips over the fence during our crazy Midwest storms. That old friend lasted for years and years, but it's poor mangled body just couldn't stand any longer.

But could the Feldt family last for long without a bouncy insurance catastrophe waiting to happen? No siree. My family walks on the wild side. Jolly Old St. Nicholas made sure to bring a brand spankin' new one for a whole new generation of kiddos to spend hours on. This new-fangled model has a NET, which I probably would not have been a fan of myself as a kid, but now that I HAVE kids of my own, it sounds like a pretty good idea to me. :)

Especially since my dare-devil child Grace the Face McGee probably loves that darn trampoline more than anyone. She cracks me up!

We had a yummy taco dinner with lots of home made goodies. My mama is totally going "crunchy" and eating as naturally and as healthy as possible. So she made her own refried beans and taco seasoning and guacamole....and it was yummy. No preservatives for these peeps! (I'm sure she would be very pleased if I insert here that if you know anyone who might be suffering with Alzheimer's they NEED to be taking coconut oil in some way, shape, or form. Does wonders, I hear.) Spreading the coconut oil gospel, mom! Oh, and don't bake with aluminum foil, either. Because that can cause Alzheimer's. Now you can't say you didn't know. ;)

And as per tradition, my mom also makes each of her children birthday cakes each year in their flavor of choice. Since my brother is a bit strange (kidding!) he chose carrot cake to ring in his 21st year. (And it was really, really, good. I want some cake. Now.)

It was a fun evening, I must say. Oh, and I have to throw this picture in here, because it makes me smile:

Gracie was GLUED to my brother, which I thought was hilarious, because after a while he didn't know what to do with her, hehe. When we were eating cake a little later Grace wouldn't take a bite from me, but she crawled right up on Roger's lap and wanted lots of cake from him. :)

Eric was still hosting at the dinner when we were ready to go home, so I knew the girls and I would be heading to a dark and empty house when we left. But we were in for a bit of a creepy surprise when we pulled up in the driveway, and I almost didn't get out of the car with my babies! More on that tomorrow.

Right now I have to save my children from themselves. They are performing amazing feats on their Mickey airplane toy, and I'm pretty sure my oldest is about to break her neck. :) Haha. I hope you had a great weekend! And I hope we are able to get out a little this week and enjoy weather that doesn't require bundling children up to look like little puffy marshmallows. I long for the days we can just up and go without coats or SOCKS. What a pain in the rear when you have squirmy kiddos!

Okay, now I really have to go. The End.


Eric Robert said...

Can I just point out how awesome that low light picture of Roger with his birthday cake is? I mean, that's some serious low light photography awesomeness right there.

Adrien said...

Baha, be more impressed with the last picture. That room was like pitch dark, because they were watching a movie.

Heather said...

Loving the comments :) You guys are too cute.

The Pettijohn's said...

Looks like a fun time. I am hoping at our next house we have one of those trampolines. Those things are fun.


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