Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby Questions and Buyer Beware!

Good morning. :) It seems to be baby season around these parts. Congratulations to Sarah who is also expecting her third baby! Eric and I love her birth announcement (check out the picture!) because we were going to do the exact same thing, haha. Great minds think alike. :D I'm very excited to have a preggo buddy this summer. Anybody else have news to share?? Might as well come clean now!

I promise that every post for the next eight months or so will not be about my pregnancy. But I did mention yesterday that I would answer a few questions that we've been getting so that *hopefully* I won't have to do it too many more times. Then it's back to the regular day-to-day!

Q: (An honestly asked question posed by multiple people.) Are you guys trying to be the Duggars?
A: No, we are not. :) We definitely have a "cap" on the amount of children we would like to have, and my cap is officially reached. Eric could go for one more round, though. Haha.

Q: (More like a statement, really.) You want to have a boy, right?
A: The honest honest answer to this question, and you're going to think I'm lying, but I'm that we genuinely don't care. I might have answered differently before I was pregnant, but when actually faced with the reality...we know girls. We love parenting our girls, and we have girl stuff. Haha. So we would gladly welcome another little lady into the family. Having a boy would be a new adventure, and we've had a name picked out since before Evelyn. If this baby is a boy, then Eric feels like in his heart he would be done, too. That would take a big load off of me! Either way, we will be thrilled!

Q: Will you find out the gender ahead of time?
A: Absolutely. I am much too impatient and too much of a planner not to. Besides, if we DO have a boy, I'm going to have a lot of shopping to do! We live in a world of pink....

Q: What do you think you're having?
A: Hehe, lots of gender questions. :) Well, here's the thing about what I think. Every time I've thought I knew what I was having, I have been wrong. I was convinced that Evie was boy, for reasons I don't quite remember. When we discovered she was a girl I think I was in a state of shock for a few days. I KNEW that Grace was a boy, because my pregnancy was so vastly different from Evie's. And now I honestly have no idea. The biggest difference so far is this baby's heartbeat compared to the others'. It's much faster...but according to everything I've read girls are supposed to have the faster heartbeats. So who knows!

Q: All of your pregnancies have been surprises - don't you take birth control?
A: No. It's not healthy for me personally to take hormone-based birth control, and the other options are too long term to be practical while we still plan to have children. We've tried our best at natural family planning, but we're obviously ridiculously fertile people. :D

And that about covers the most frequently asked questions...or at least the ones I'm willing to answer in public. :) As many of you know, last night was our Financial Peace University class, so without further ado....

Lesson Six: Buyer Beware

In this lesson we learned all about the power of marketing and how it has an influence on how we spend our money. I always think this stuff is really interesting, so this is one of my favorite lessons. It's probably no surprise that Americans today are the most marketed to people in the HISTORY of the WORLD. We are bombarded with marketing every day, from ads to product placement and even scents pumped into stores that make us spend money. 

Dave Ramsey grew up in a sales-based household and made his first millions selling real estate - so he knows a thing or two about marketing and the subtle tricks that can be played on the consumer. Chances are that when you walk into a store, they know more about you than you know about you...or at least the way your mind works. Companies spend millions of dollars researching what makes you tick and then implementing a plan to capture your attention and reel you in. It's quite clever, actually. 

See if you can finish these advertising slogans:

Melts in your mouth, _______.
Have you had your break______?
Every kiss begins with ______.
Good to the last _______.
Like a good neighbor _______.

^^That is the power of "repetition" in marketing.

Did you know that cameras in grocery stores, say in your local Wal-Mart for example, aren't necessarily there to make sure you're not shoplifting Oreos?  They use that video footage to study how people move through their stores, and then place products accordingly. Many people in our area have probably noticed that Wal-Mart has switched up it's aisles so that they are facing every which way and create a sort of maze that you have to walk through to find anything. That's intentional, of course. The more products that they can get you to walk past, the more you are likely to buy. They want to keep you in their store for as long as possible.

We learned a lot about things to watch for when making purchases, but out of everything we discussed last night, I think the lesson I took away was that "money can buy fun, but it can't buy happiness." Dave encourages people who take his course to "live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else." It's his desire for people to be successful and have fun in life and enjoy buying things the right way. But he warns that chasing "stuff" isn't what it's all about. He reminds us that we too often are looking ahead to the next best thing on the horizon.

"Oh, won't it be wonderful to be in high school so I can drive a car...oh, college is going to be so much fun...I can't wait to get married and start a, it will be nice when these kids are out of diapers...I can't wait until these teenagers are out of the house...I want grandkids so I can change diapers." :D He uses the illustration that chasing stuff is like a bully in the school yard, constantly drawing a line in the sand, and every time you step over it a new line is drawn. There will always be a new dream to chase. And so the encouragement we received was that no matter where are in life, we need to stop and find happiness right there. 

That's not the kind of advice you usually receive from a guy like Dave, but maybe that's why I like the way he thinks so much. :) On a personal level, this is something Eric and I have discussed a lot. We would hate if we ever looked back in time and felt sorry for ourselves and where we had come from. Because we have always been extremely happy. We never ever want to forget that we were perfectly content in our two-bedroom duplex, driving old used cars, clipping coupons, and watching a close budget. We have big dreams...yes, it's true. But if they never came to fruition, we'd be just fine. :)


Sarah said...

Aww, thanks for the shout out preggo buddy! I am over the moon excited to be going through this journey with you :)

As far as the questions go... I couldn't agree more with the answers. And I have been asked the Duggar question too. Really? It is #3 not #13 lol.

Melissa W. said...


I totally am with you on the hormone based birth control...we go the old fashioned route, too! : )

Was that TMI???

Meagan said...

You girls are making me want to be prego again too!!

And to the people who think you are crazy for having #3...who cares what they think!!

The Pettijohn's said...

I think it awesome you guys are having another. I cannot take birth control either, does not do well with my body. I am happy for you both.


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