Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baths and Insurance

I think we were incredibly spoiled by the weather over the past few weeks. By all normal accounts, yesterday was a beautiful 70 degree Spring day. But when we stepped out on our shaded patio yesterday afternoon to blow bubbles it was downright chilly! I think we lasted all of five minutes before we shuffled our dainty little selves back inside. And I'm so glad we did. :)

We decided to take our bubbles to the bathtub instead, and oh my goodness - ladies and gentlemen - I believe I had a breakthrough with my youngest daughter. Grace is a bit of stoic; she plays her cards close to her chest...never afraid to let us know when something is wrong, but very aware of making sure she never shows too much excitement over anything. We've blown bubbles before and Grace has shown minimal interest. But bubbles in the bathtub - holy moly!

I've never heard such a sound come from my baby girl. I was trying so hard not to laugh at her, but with every blow of the bubble wand she panted with excitement bordering on a mix between chimp and puppy dog. And she did it every.single. time. When she caught a bubble she let out a happy, "YAY!!" and when one would get away, in true Grace fashion, she would shake her fist at it and growl. Haha.

Meanwhile, big sister was trying to catch bubbles in a bowl, and I could hear her whispering to herself with every catch, "This is hilarious. " My children are my favorite entertainment. :)

So yes. Bubbles in the bathtub get a big thumbs up from us. And another new bath time favorite that we highly recommend:

Natural Kids bath time body paint by AVON. The girls received these in their Easter baskets from grandma and grandpa and these roll-on paints have been spicing up our bath time ever since. :) The colors actually show up very bright, and OH MY GOODNESS, they smell divine. We have coconut, bubble gum, watermelon, cotton candy, apple, and orange. Every single one of them are yummy - but don't eat them! I'm not gonna lie, I've seriously considered taking a bath just to use these myself.

I'm not trying to sell this stuff or anything. We just like it. :)

Now that you know all about our recent bath time shenanigans, let's talk a little Financial Peace University, shall we?

Lesson Seven: Clause and Effect

First of all, can't talk about money today without congratulating the big lotto winners who were just announced! I'm so happy and proud of Merle and Pat Butler of Red Bud who seem like very lovely folks and who have done EXACTLY what they should have with their winnings. They sought financial advice first and have not gone on a shopping spree - so good for them! This couple in their sixties wouldn't need ANY advice that I learned last night, because they will be self-insured for the rest of their lives. Lucky ducks!

Insurance. It's something we love to hate, because we're paying each month for something we HOPE we never need. And there all kinds of insurance we need to protect ourselves: from car and homeowners (or renters) insurance, to health insurance, life insurance, long-time care insurance, identity-theft insurance, and I know there's one I'm missing but I just can't think of it. :)

Whew, it's a lot to unpack. This is one of those "heavy" lessons that are really the nuts and bolts of creating a financial plan. Without getting too preachy (because honestly I don't have the time to spell it all out) if you think you can't afford can't afford NOT to have it.  As I was sitting through our FPU class last night, guess who was right beside me? Mr. Tyler Donjon. If you've been following this blog then you know his story. Tyler is a 25 year old young man who at one time would have never dreamed anything could happen to him...until last year when he nearly lost his life after being hit by a car. Anything can happen to anyone at anytime. And you need an umbrella of insurance to protect not only you, but also the ones you love. 

I wish I could break down each type of insurance and tell you what to buy and what not to buy. I really, really encourage anyone who has questions about these types of things to find an FPU class near you and go through it. This lesson alone could save you big time money and give you big time peace of mind. If there is one message to drive home, one piece of advice I can leave you with: never buy WHOLE life insurance. It's rarely rarely rarely (like practically never) a good idea. Only take out TERM life insurance policies. Trust me. Dave prefaces this lesson by joking that he gets a lot of hate mail about this one - from insurance companies. :D He reveals the dirty little secrets with no agenda, because Dave isn't trying to sell you anything. Love that. 


From a personal point of view: When I was a 23 year old newlywed I knew nothing about insurance, but I married a nerd who wanted to make sure we were taken care of. I remember one of the very first things we did as a new couple was to sit down with an agent and make sure that we were well taken care of. If anything should happen to Eric, the girls and I are covered forever. I can't even put a price tag on that peace of mind. And if something should happen to me, Eric will have more than enough resources to make sure that the girls are well cared for while he continues to work. If something should happen to our babies...heaven forbid...everything is set in place so that we won't have to worry about money in such a trying time. 

Eric and I are not rich. It's no secret that while we are living quite comfortably, we are very conservative with our finances as we are trying to pay off our debts. We don't drive new cars, we don't own a home, we don't take grand vacations...but we do sacrifice part of our budget for insurance of all kinds. I wish I had all day to stress just how important it really is, but I don't. Just take my word for it. :)


Ashley Mitchell said...

Love the roll on paint. Almost aunt Heather bought Zack a ton of it. Smells soo good. :)

Heather said...

And whenever he runs out, Almost Aunt Heather will be buying him more.

Thanks for the financial info Adrien! Love it, like always!


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