Friday, April 27, 2012

Confession Friday 4-27

Evelyn has this new habit of repeating the end of everything she says. It would be kind of annoying, except that when she repeats her phrases it actually sounds like she's trying to say something really profound. Like yesterday, when she said, "If I get hurt, I get hurt." Hmm, yes. That is deep. Or my favorite as we were on a family walk this week. "When we build together, we build together." <-- Plaque worthy. Now if only we could simmer down on the "When I need a snack, I need a SNACK!" and "I'm crying, because I'm cryyying."


I confess that I am totally overwhelmed by all of the responses I got about our mini-vacation yesterday. So many of you offered suggestions here, or on Facebook, or via private message or email...I don't know if the decision is easier or harder now, haha.

I confess that I have been without a cell phone for a LONG time. (Like, a whole week.) And...well. I don't really miss it all that much. Other than the computer, technology doesn't really do it for me. Which is probably why....

I confess that last night while on our walk, I felt like I belonged in the dark ages when Eric was fiddling with his phone and saying something about having to program his new shoes. Excuse me - what? There's a computer chip in your shoes? What next?

Thanks to Confession Friday, this will never be a problem. :)

I confess that my bellybutton has "popped" already, and it's causing a bit of confusion for my still-nursing second child. Ha. I'm not elaborating on that one.

^^Evelyn is convinced she can tickle the baby through my bellybutton. :)

I confess that my current unchecked email count is: 16,005. No comments, Heather Rahn. It's all junk, anyway. :)

I confess that I have not showered alone for three days after one mistake of letting Evie in after she begged and begged. Now BOTH of my children think the sound of running water means - woohoo! Party in the shower with mommy! If I don't let them in Evie stands outside of the door yelling "trick or treat!" and Gracie screams until I cave. I know you're so jealous of my life.

I confess that I want new shoes and a new purse really bad. I don't need either, but I want both. Oh, Mother's Daaaay....

I confess that I have a doctor's appointment next week, and I'm secretly hoping I can talk the doctor into an early gender check. Hehe. I'll be almost 16 weeks, could happen!

I confess that I love when Eric compliments my mediocre cooking. I'm not a cook, and I'll be the first to admit it. But he's just so darn sweet.

I confess that our family is opening a new business - totally Evie's idea. It's called "Froggy Pizza." And when you enter, Evelyn will welcome you with, "Come on in. Want some froggy pizza? We've got lots of chairs. Lots of plates." So look for it. Froggy Pizza - coming soon.

I confess that while trying to google an issue we're having with one of our commodes, I nearly (as in, did a little) pee in my pants while reading other people's descriptions of the same problem : "Our crapper chugs." "Noisy toilet sounds like it wants to leave the station." "The kids yell "all aboard!" before they flush." Oh, never disappoint me.

And now my daughter needs help making her play-dough into little snakes. 

Hope you have a great weekend.

Yay Friday. 

(Insert smile here.)


Melissa W. said...

GT went through a phase of doing the same thing of repeating the end of everything. Kids are so intriquing...

I confess I love Family Circus.

Did you see our Playdoh food the other day??

Heather said...

I confess that I wish every time I read your blog, that you would start another blog that is a constant live stream of what goes on in your house 24/7. Pretty sure I would never turn it off.

Adrien said...

Haha, but then I would have to wear pants every day...and well, that would just be a shame. :D

Meagan said...

I can't even go an hour without my phone, much less a week!

I confess that it made me really happy that Keegan only wanted me last night when he was crying....he is typically a daddy's boy so i couldn't help but smile when i heard that he said that he missed me!

Litney said...

i love that ecard! people are constantly asking me what we're having and i keep saying its going to be a surprise, and then they ask well what do you hope it is? ALIVE AND HEALTHY!


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