Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just Chatting :)

Last night Evelyn came strutting into the living room right before bedtime with a foreign object hanging out of her mouth. She popped it out and proudly waved it in the air. "Found my new paci!!" she said, and then put in back in. It was one of her daddy's ear plugs that he wears to bed every night. Apparently she hasn't forgotten about her pacifier just yet. :) But we're still going strong!

Oh Evelyn. She cracks me up on a daily basis, but you knew that already. Haha. Currently she is very amazed that one of her ouchies (a scab) "just disappeared!! Look mom, it's gone!" It's been gone for a week, but every time she sees that it isn't there she is astounded all over again. Oh, and my personal favorite Evie-ism, which I'm hearing almost daily now....

Whenever Grace is being particularly annoying while Evelyn is trying to do something, Evie will look at me exasperated and yell, "Mooom!! Can you put Gracie on your BOOB!??"

That one gets me every time.

If Evie were a cartoon character, she would be Ellie from "Up." :) Eric and I can't watch that movie without commenting about how similar these two are. And then we make Evelyn say, "Adventure is out there!" a million times. :D

I'm actually really excited for Evelyn to be a big sister all over again. I think she'll "get it" more this time, and she's been super helpful around the house lately. We probably spend half of our time talking about the new baby and what's going on in my belly. Speaking of babies in my belly....

I am definitely getting an occasional "tap tap" coming from inside. Eee! I think I skipped the whole "flutters" feeling. By now I know what to watch for, and I didn't want to kid myself too soon. But last Friday night while we were at the Life Network banquet I thought for sure I felt a couple of little bumps on the right side of my belly. Then yesterday while lying down on my right side on the couch I sneezed really hard and felt four or five quick little taps right after. I think I scared my kid, haha.

It's just so weird that I'm only feeling movement on one side of my stomach. I don't remember that happening before. But then again this pregnancy has been vastly different from the first two (vastly different) pregnancies before it. I have weird symptoms I've never had before. I usually get a reprieve from pimples when I'm pregnant, but I've been breaking out like a teenager with this one. My nails have been growing at an alarmingly fast rate. That has never happened before. I'm eating like a college frat boy - morning noon and night. The only thing predictable about my pregnancies are their unpredictability.

I have not had one single person send me wishes for a baby girl. :D In fact, we have one dear friend who is so convinced that we're having a boy that she has already picked up a boy outfit for us. Haha. But Eric and I still don't care either way. As long as we keep getting reports of a healthy baby we're good!

Once again I didn't have anything in particular to blog about today. It seems like we live our life in spurts of activity and then nothing happens for a while, which is exactly what's going on right now. It just feels wrong not to check in every day. But I think I'll leave it there - Evelyn is flipping through the new American Girl magazine and saying, "Wow, they are so fashion-y. Mom, I need three baby dolls!" I've been telling Evie that American Girl dolls are for big girls, and well...she's been hearing a lot about being a big girl over the past few days. I think she's connecting the dots, and I might be in a little bit of trouble.

Hehe. Later taters!


Heather said...

I'm pro Evie getting an American Girl doll!!!

And I secretly hope you have another girl. There is just such a special bond between sisters. I can't imagine if I had another one. Three times the fun!

Ashley Mitchell said...

yay for sisters! Nothin like it :)

Cassie said...

a used ear plug in her mouth?!?! never a dull moment.

too funny.

i LOVE me some AG dolls but holy moly are they crazy. the company i work for built that new store in STL and i thought ok gift cards, gift cards, nope. Total bummer. lol.

Adrien said...

Haha, good thing we're getting a new AG store soon! I think they are just as fun for moms. :D

Meagan said...

Anytime you want to get rid of Evie for the day send her my way...she cracks me up & I have a feeling that would be a very fun day!!

I wish I had a daughter just so I would have a reason to step foot in the AG store!!


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