Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Let me tell you about my day yesterday.

Eric, you are never allowed to leave for a week again.

It began with something many of you already know about. My darling oldest daughter decided it would be a good idea to give herself a haircut. Now, this is something I knew was going to happen eventually. It's practically a little girl's childhood right of passage. However...I didn't think it would happen when she was TWO. I mean, come on. I have like, five more years of experimenting with scissors to get through here, and a little sister following right behind her. The odds of this happening again are unfortunately very high.

And yes, she knew beforehand not to do it. I trim Evie's bangs at home, and I always tell her, "Only mommies and daddies can cut hair - not kids!"

Somehow my booger butt climbed up on the kitchen counter, found the hair trimming scissors, and went to town. I was in the living room with Gracie when all of the sudden Evie comes gleefully running into the room exclaiming, "Mommy, I cut my own bangs!" She was very proud of herself.

At first glance it didn't look sooo bad....

Her hair is already a bit scraggly, so what's a few weed-wacked bangs? They don't even look that bad if they are all swept to the side and pinned back. (Which by the way, I JUST bought a bunch of clips so we could start growing her bangs out...ugh.)

But then as Evie was watching cartoons a little later, I started noticing some really long strands of hair hanging from the back of her head. So I started pulling. And big clumps were coming out in my hands. I raked my fingers through her hair, and more clumps came out. My heart sank...Evelyn must have taken the scissors to the back of her head and started snipping. Once again...I lucked out. Even though I pulled out lots of hair, you can't really tell. I did save a few strands to show daddy when he gets home.

Of course this had to happen while he's away. Just like his child who never gets sick getting sick the very day he leaves. Of course. My luck.

Last night was FPU, and though it was going to be a stretch for me, I was going to try to go. So I put Grace down for a nap, hopped in the shower, and when I came out I smelled baby lotion. This is never a good thing. Someone is making a mess somewhere.

That's when I see Evelyn covered head to toe in pink slimy stuff, and she decided to turn our front window into a canvass for lotion art. Ugh. Just another day around here, but more thing to clean up while I'm trying to get ready to go somewhere.

A little time passes...I'm gathering things up for the evening...and then I realize that I can't find my car keys. Crap. No one's going anywhere without my darn keys. I eventually decide to go check out in the car for the keys, since that's Eric's favorite place to leave them. They weren't there. But when I went to go back inside...I was locked out of my house. I freaked out. My children are in the house, and I am not.

I don't have a garage door opener, because it's in Eric's car, and Eric isn't here. My phone is in the house, so I can't call anyone. I run to the back patio door hoping and praying it's open. Nope. I was seriously thinking I was going to have to leave my children home alone and WALK to my parent's house to get a car and fix the problem. Obviously, that was not something I wanted to do. Of course in hindsight I'm thinking, why didn't you just ask a neighbor to use their phone, but when you're in panic mode, you don't exactly think logically.

This was me.

I made one last-ditch effort to try to talk Evelyn through unlocking the front door. I could see Evie and Grace peeking at me through front the front window. They weren't scared at all. In fact, they were smiling in a bit of a mischievous way, leaving me wondering if it was my fault that I was locked out, or if my little angels had something to do with it. :)

Miracle of all miracles, after some wiggling and giggling, Evelyn got the door unlocked! Hallelujah! But by now I was over it. My mom called and asked if we wanted to come have dinner with them, and I said YES! Of course, I still didn't have keys, so she had to come and pick us up. Needless to say, no FPU for me last night.

What else is going to go wrong? I feel like I need to roll us all in bubble wrap and camp out for the next two days. We're only halfway through the week...

I know you're all dying inside that I can't hand out free financial advice today. :) And it was one of the fun lessons, too...Buying Big Bargains. Really didn't want to miss that one! Oh well. I just have one thing to say to Eric, should he be reading this today. I hope you're planning a big huge surprise for me when you get back. I hope I get to go on a really nice date or something. I like the beach...can we go there? :)

Pray for me.


Ashley Mitchell said...

I'm praying for you :)

Meagan said...

Oh no!! Hopefully the rest of the weeks goes a lot better for you!!

Cassie said...

praying. laughing. but praying. hang on mommy.

and yes eric, ha you better have something REALLLLLYYY good in mind. lol.

Heather said...

Geez girlfriend. Too bad you have a bun in the oven because now would definitely be the time to take up drinking. I see a spa day coming your way!!

Melissa W. said...


When it rains it pours, huh???

lol Heather!!

Adrien said...

Haha, Heather. :D So far, nothing too disastrous has happened today. I'm almost afraid to say that....

Sarah said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously can't stop laughing. And crying. Sadly, I know this feeling all to well. Just yesterday, Luke locked himself in my room. It took me a half hour to coax him into opening it. Ugggh. I was THIS close to knocking it down.

What have we gotten ourselves into? lol


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