Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mini Vacay. Yes, Please.

Alright, friends. I could really use your help. Anyone, please...if you can help me, I would be ever so grateful. (Bats eyelashes...smiles sweetly....)

Truth be told, I don't get out much. Eric and I are so so lucky to have amazing parents who will babysit for us whenever we need a date night, which I am finding we get to have more than the average couple. So believe me, I'm not complaining in the least bit! However...I don't believe we have had an entire night to ourselves now in almost three years. I'm trying to rack my brain and remember a time one or both of our kiddos spent the night somewhere, and the only thing I'm coming up with is the two nights Evie stayed with my parents while I was in the hospital with Grace. (Some vacation! Haha.) And for most of those three years we haven't even had our own BED. Yes, Evie still finds herself a cozy spot between Eric and me every night.

Now we're adding baby #3 into the mix, and guess what? Mama wants an adults-only trip before it's another three years for us to take the chance! And Eric agrees. It won't be a big thing...I don't think I could spend too long alway from my babies, anyway. But a good two or three nights away will be enough to make me happy. Here's the catch: we obviously are nickel and diming it right now, and we're on a budget. :)

Eric's strict instructions are these: We can go anywhere I can come up with, but we have to keep it under $500. Yeah. I don't disagree that we shouldn't spend too much on this little getaway, but it's been tough trying to find places that will keep us under our budget. (Everything has to stay under $500 - lodging, food, gas money, etc.) I'm kind of stumped!

Here are MY requirements:

Hehe. Yes, I know I am dreaming. (But believe me, I've priced it!)

What I really really want is to get a tan - like from the real life sun. I'm all about the vitamin D and not being a pasty pregnant lady all summer long. So any place with a nice pool will work just fine, too. ;)

The thing is, I'm lost on ideas. If we go further away then it will probably be a three night trip to justify the drive time...but three nights in almost any hotel will take a HUGE chunk of the budget right away. Like...way more than half. I'm about to pull my hair out trying to figure this out!

So do you know of any fun destinations close to home? Or do you have a great secret place that you love to go on the cheap? Please spam me with any ideas!

Eric and I would like to go on our little trip about the third week of June - after Evie's birthday, but before I'm big-as-a-house pregnant. I'm sure Eric wouldn't mind if there was more to do than just lounge around poolside, since he's more of a "get lost in a museum for half a day" kind of guy. :) But I'm not picky. As long as I get a little time alone with my main squeeze, I'm good to go.

I've been flipping through honeymoon photos, and it makes me want to leave right now! (Sigh...our first and LAST married vacation before becoming parents.)

We honeymooned in Charleston, SC. It was perfect for us! The beach, history, romantic getaways...we highly recommend it. :)

So I don't know much about this trip yet except that it IS going to happen. We WILL go somewhere...anywhere. If I have to give up my left pinky toe, I totally will. Let me know if you have any favorite spots that we can check out! If you can give us a great idea and we ultimately choose it, I'll bring you back a souvenir! :D

And if you don't know of any places, are you taking a vacation this year? Where are you going?? I'd love to live vicariously through you, haha. 


Sarah said...

Trav & I are going to Oak Terrace Resort in Pana, IL June 16th for our 5 year anniversary. I have never been there, but my parents go all the time & love it and it is only 2 hours away! It will be under $500 but of course we will only be gone one night. I'm a..go to a spa, eat dinner, sleep in type of girl. THAT is a vacation for this Mama lol.

But trust me! If you find something under 500 by a beahc. Let me know & we are changing our plans!!

Adrien said...

Ooh, I'm going to look that up! Thanks! :)

Heather said...

I would suggest looking around places in Tennessee for a cabin rental. Most of them are on lakes, and most of them can be rented for the weekend pretty cheap. Here is a website I go to when I want to plan a cheap vacation I'll never get to take.

You can get an AMAZING one cabin with hot tub, pool tables, outside patio, grill, and everything else you could ever want for just above $100 a night.

Adrien said...

Thanks for the link, Heather!

Life on the Short Side said...

We always use Priceline name your own price for our hotels when we travel and often get 4 or 5 star hotels for $60 or $70 a night. Also, The Painted Lady Bed and Breakfast in St James MO is amazing. We stayed there on our wedding night and it was great. It would be a great couples vacation.

Meagan said...

A mini-vacay sounds amazing right now!!

I can't really think of any places right now, probably because I never get to go on any, but I will keep thinking and will let you know if I come up with any ideas!

Anonymous said...

Disney! We are taking our four little ones and one very pregnant mam to Disney tomorrow! Both thrilled and terrified. Plus it involves an overnight train trip. Ack!


Melissa W. said...

Vacation? what's that??

Adrien said...

Glad to hear you've had a good experience with Priceline. We booked our honeymoon through another site with good results. Heck, if I can get a room for half the price or less - the beach it is! :D


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