Monday, April 16, 2012

My Incredibly Interesting Life.

Hey, dudes. Welcome back to Monday. :) We had a very lazy weekend. Great, but lazy. On Saturday Eric wanted to make sure that I got to do whatever I wanted to do after the very long week I had. We've had a lot to be thankful for in our family lately, and he was ready and willing to take me to any snazzy place I wanted to celebrate. And where did we end up? The Olive Garden. Haha.

I really don't need to go to a place that charges $100 for a steak when all I want to do is spend time with Eric. I am genuinely fine with a trip to a burger joint, to be honest. It's just a treat to get to away for a little while. It doesn't make for a very exciting story afterwards, but oh well. )

I meant to take a belly pic this weekend, because I took one last weekend, and I really want to stay on top of that this pregnancy. I have always been terrible about documenting my pregnancies in any way, and I always regret it afterwards. And this pregnancy is super unique in that I actually have an easy place to keep track of things - right here! But of course, I didn't get a picture. I know most of you have seen this one, but I'm throwing it up here anyway, because I don't think I've put it on the blog anywhere.

Easter 2012

I believe I was seven months pregnant with Grace when I started this blog...maybe eight. So it will be nice to have the beginning of a pregnancy to look back on some know, in case I get a wild hair to try this again. I cannot even tell you how many times I've looked at Eric and said, "Never again" over the past two months. :) I'm not a happy pregnant person. I'm just not.

In other news...this little blog rolled over a momentous milestone over the weekend. Yay for 100,000 page views! (If I counted my own dang page views I'd probably be at a million by now, haha.)

I'd like to do some kind of giveaway for this, but I have to think of exactly what I want to do. Have to get back to ya on that one. ;)

I promise, my life really is this boring right now. I'm not trying to cover up my secret jet-setting ways or anything. But sometimes boring is good, right? Kind of a "no news is good news" type of scenario. We're just trucking along. Oh, I guess I should tell you about the new doctor we have in the family before I go.

Her name is Doc Evie, and she can diagnose whatever ails you. Ever since the new show "Doc McStuffins" debuted on the Disney Channel, Evelyn has been obsessed with playing doctor. If you are sitting still, she will find something wrong with you. And if you are a man that something is probably hair located in a place that she doesn't find acceptable. Eric has been checked out for "too much arm hair" many times now. And when Evie discovered her grandpa had hair in his nose, well...she ran to get the scissors right away. :) 

Tonight Eric is back to his class, so it's another long day today for the Robert girls. I'm just waiting for the day that my energy returns and this nausea goes away for good. On that day there will be much rejoicing throughout the land. I will throw a monster blog party. But that day is not today. So for now, I say peace out. It's time for my nap. Or house cleaning...but trust me, I'd rather be napping!


Heather said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon! We will have to break you out for a girls night soon.

Sarah said...

I'm right there with ya Mama. Just trying to get through each day seems like an uphill battle right now.

I love the bump. Super cute! I have that same sweater somewhere lurking on my blog when I was pregnant with Logan lol.

Melissa W. said...

You sound like me when I'm pregnant...I'm not very good at being pregnant - but I love the end result...

Meagan said...

I'm with Heather, we need to get you out for a girls night...something that involves good food!!

I loved being pregnant, sometimes I wish that I could be pregnant but not actually have a baby in the end! lol

Adrien said...

I am ALL for a girls night! :D


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