Friday, May 18, 2012

Confession Friday 5-18!

Happy Friday! 

I am pooped. And my kids are kind of driving me insane. 

If the following words make no sense it's because I'm half asleep, my children are screaming in my ear and pulling at my clothes, and I am trying not to lose it. But it's Friday, so woohoo!

Gracie gives up! I feel ya, sister. 

I confess that I just about forget my manners when it comes to our wonderful cable provider and it's lack of ability to WORK every day. You can bet that if I'm ever MIA for a day it's because of Mediacom.

I confess that this time of the year gives me some serious gray hair. I LOVE all of the parties and fun things going on...but it seems like everything we have to do falls on the same day at the same time. Wish that I could be in three places at once!

I confess that Evie spilled milk on the carpet this week, and now our living room smells like cheese. Eric, can we PLEASE get our carpets cleaned now? :D

I confess that I thought only boys were obsessed with things like boogers. How mistaken I was. Now to teach Evelyn that her sister's hair is not a proper tissue alternative.

I confess that I'm ashamed for Gracie to wear shorts, because my little wild child has so many bruises on her legs they look like camouflage.

I confess that I watch Christmas movies all year long. Love them.

I confess that Eric and I might as well have a line in our budget dedicated just to Dairy Queen blizzards.

My brothers were "fighting" on the trampoline yesterday. The youngest got to set the rules.
John: Okay guys, here are the fight rules. NO wrestling! And NO rough-housing! Now go!
Baha. Fighting with no rough-housing. John John cracks me up. 

I confess that Evelyn might be a little confused when it comes to familial relationships. While watching all of her uncles yesterday, she decided to list them all out loud. "There is uncle Roger, and uncle Justin, and uncle John, and my uncle Benji and my uncle Teddy!" Benji and Teddy are the family dogs. :)

I confess that the ring tone on my phone kind of drives me crazy, but I don't know how to change it. If you know my husband then you realize how ridiculous this is.

I confess that I still have not been able to do a single thing to prepare for Evelyn's birthday. I have so many projects going on right now. I'm kind of freaking out.

I confess that Evelyn thinks her dad works at "Happy Meal School." Don't ask me!

I confess that I am looking at an extremely neglected house, but all I want to do is take a nap. I think today the nap might actually win.


Just wanted to let everyone know that our friend John will be coming home tomorrow, escorted by the Illinois Patriot Guard. Here is all of the information from the Guard website. Many of us will be standing at the new church building in town to wave flags and honor him as they drive by. Anyone is welcome to join us, and I'm sure there will be more specific information put out later today. 

Have a great weekend! Count your blessings and stay out of trouble. :)


Cassie said...

i love how kids have to no idea when it comes to family members.

trying to explain to stella that nana is my mom and she is danielle and lacie's mom too is hard. she does not get it.
she also doesn't undertsand how henry isn't my brother too.
ha - oh sweet

The Independent Spinster said...

Soooo...I'm looking at that picture of the trampoline, and it looks like the view from my mom's front your parents happen to live behind the elementary school?

Adrien said...

They do. :) And we apologize for any and all shenanigans that go on there. It's kind of a wild place. Haha.

The Independent Spinster said...

Ha. There are probably just as many shenanigans that go on at my moms house.


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