Thursday, May 10, 2012

Holding Back :)

I spent most of this morning typing a post that I ultimately decided not to publish. In in the end I just decided it wasn't worth it, considering that it doesn't pertain to most (if any) of you reading this. Let's just say the original title of this post was "I'm Mad" and involved me venting in a letter to some really confused people. I'm calling them confused, because that's a nice way of saying...spineless...wishy-washy...and ignorant. Baha. But let me tell ya, it felt really good writing it, and I saved it for a rainy day. :) Let me just step on my soapbox and quote some scripture that sums up how I'm feeling today.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2

For the record: No, I do not have any personal problems with anyone. It was a social commentary on something that burns my buns. Since this blog isn't about social issues, I'm letting it go.

Ah, I feel better just getting that little bit out there. :)


Hey friends!

Our internet was out yesterday morning...along with our cable. Boo! So since I was offline for most of the day, I thought I'd do a little catch up with our FPU lesson for the week. This one will be hard to explain, because holy moly, it was VERY technical, and I would be lying if I said I understood it enough to teach it back to anyone. :)

Lesson 10: From Fruition to Tuition

Last week we learned all of the basics about investments, and this week we focused on how to protect those investments by putting a "coat" on them. It mainly had to do with tax sheltering and a lot of stuff that made so much sense while I was listening to it but now is way over my head. Haha. 

Actually, Dave himself ends the lesson by saying that he doesn't expect most people to "get it" the first time around, but just being aware that this is something we will all eventually have to think about is a good thing. Again, there was the emphasis of sitting down and finding a financial advisor with the heart of a teacher to guide your decision process when the time comes. Professionals go to school for years to learn all of this, so certainly a newbie isn't going to absorb it all in a one hour video. 

But one thing that I can relate to and share that we discussed was college planning for the kiddos. And the biggest point to take away was actually something that you shouldn't do. If you currently have children or plan to someday and you do NOT have a college fund set up for them's okay. It really is. Don't feel guilty or beat yourself up over it. Because while it would be awesome to eventually be able to provide those investments for them someday, you might not be ready to yet. 

College planning is one of the last things to do on Dave's baby steps. He shared stories of how young single moms call in to his radio show, struggling to put food on the table, and yet are feeling guilty that they can't afford to set up a college fund for their kids. First of all, college is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. No person ever died from working and paying their own way through college. :) After you have taken care of your family's basic needs, you have paid off your own debts, your own retirement is set in place, and you have the insurance you need, THEN you can think about college saving. Saving for your kids' college but then being a financial burden on your family later helps no one. 

Now THAT, I can understand. :) College saving is definitely something that Eric and I plan to do in order to bless our children. We can't even imagine how different our lives would be today if we didn't have student loans. (Which we take FULL responsibility for, and certainly begrudge no one for not paying our full way through.) But we're not there yet. And that's okay. It just feels good having someone else say it. :)

Hope you guys have a great day! 


The Independent Spinster said...

Get em girl!

Glad to see you're back, missed you yesterday!

Meagan said...

For some reason this didn't show up in my reader but I knew you didn't post yesterday so I came to check things out....I was starting to get worried! Glad everything is ok though! ;)

Adrien said...

Aw, thanks for thinking of me girls! :)

Litney said...

I think my student loans will be the death of me sometimes!


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