Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh The Places You'll Go

Kid feet totally slay me. 

I admitted my slight obsession with our kids' feet to Eric this weekend. I just find myself staring at them constantly and pondering things like, "I wonder where those little feet will take them...."

I can remember as a child looking down all the time to watch my feet kick up dust, dig into the sand, or even fly out in front of me after receiving a first class underdog on the swings. They were practically characters in the story of my life. I understand that this all probably sounds ridiculous once it's actually spelled out and not just a thought floating around in my brain. :)

But just where will those little feet go? Will they swim in the ocean? Climb a trail? Will they sit propped up against the backdrop of a sunset or slip into the sheets of a bed halfway around the world? I look at my babies' feet and realize that they are with them for life, not just following them wherever they go, but actually taking them from place to place. Those feet will see things even I won't see. They'll dangle from a classroom chair long after I've dropped my kids off for Kindergarten. They'll lead my children off to college and beyond someday. Is it weird to be jealous of feet? :)

So I'm enjoying wiggly toes today while they're still cute and kissable and with me most of the time. I just love those tiny tootsies!

This weekend those feet spent a lot of time with family. They splashed in baby pools, ran on country rock roads, and Evie hoofed it right on by a giant SNAKE at her great grandma's 80th birthday party. It looked just like this:

Evie ran past it without a care in the world, but her cousin Austin who was right behind her stopped in his tracks and starting pointing at the ground saying, "Snake! Snake!" Since none of the adults were near it we weren't sure what Austin was actually talking about, but sure enough, there was a huge snake coiled up right where Evie had just been. Yuck! We went into the house to get some backup from more experienced snake handlers in the family, and by the time we came back outside it was gone. Shiver. Not a fan. 

May I add that Eric and I walked right past a little snake in a subdivision about a week ago, and in three years of walking the same path I have never seen a snake before. What is going on? Now every stick I see in the dark is a slithering serpent trying to bite my ankles, haha. I'm super snake paranoid. I heard bugs were supposed to be bad this summer, but I could do without these creepy creatures, pleaseandthankyou.

In other news, I have some information that I promised to pass on to all of my local buddies! If you are from our own hometown and happen to stop into Casey's from time to time, make sure to buy a cookie or two while you are there! 

Sixteen hundred Casey's General Stores are competing to sell the most cookies by the end of May, and the top-selling store will win a city-wide pizza party for their town! Wahoo - free slices of pizza for one and all! When I last spoke to my friend, our city was number 24 (I believe) in the contest, which is AWESOME when you consider how many stores are participating. We still have a few days to boost their sales, so get yourself some yummy cookies from Casey's! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! We definitely took advantage of an extra day yesterday by getting done some much needed work around the house. Sigh...someday Eric won't have to work on Saturdays and we'll know what it feels like to have that extra day all the time! And thank you all for sharing yesterday's post on Facebook and for your encouraging words. We miss our friend dearly, but he left a lasting impression on many people. Eric helped me a lot with sharing John's story, so thanks my dear! 

Hope you guys are having a good day today! Treat your feet well. Watch out for snakes. And don't forget to eat some cookies. :)

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The Independent Spinster said...

So that's why they keep shoving cookies at me when I go in there. I thought it was a conspiracy against my waistline.


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