Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Working in Your Strengths

Wahoo!!! It's summer vacation, kids. :D Okay, so pretty much every day is summer vacation around here, BUT. We are so lucky that both my mom and mother-in-law work for the local school district, and today is report card day. Yay! When they get out of school, it feels like we get out of school, too. Just knowing we can pop in for a visit or go places with them during the day makes life so much more fun. Now if I could just shake this nasty sinus infection.

It never fails. With every pregnancy I always get some kind of terrible head cold, and it lingers on and on and on.... Eventually I will catch a break and just feel like a normal person again. :)

So, I'm not gonna lie. I am so ready to have this baby. Like, right now. I want a newborn to cuddle in my arms really bad. If I wasn't pregnant already, I would definitely be getting the itch to try again. With Evelyn, I was in some sort of state of shock and amazement the first time I laid eyes on her. I was super excited and so in love, but in rookie fashion, I just couldn't get over the experience I had been through and the fact that I was someone's mom. I just smiled like an idiot thinking, this is so neat. Haha.

 Early mommy moments in the hospital with Evie and Grace!

With Gracie, I knew a little more about what I was getting myself into. I knew all of the wonderful moments that I had ahead with my little precious bundle, and I surprised even myself when I welled up with tears the first time they placed her on my chest. I usually try to cover my emotions in front of people I don't know well, but I couldn't help the overwhelming surge of love I had for her right then.

With baby number three...seriously...I already burst into tears to rival Niagara Falls just thinking about laying eyes on our youngest family member. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if I'm a big 'ole puffy-eyed mess for the rest of the day. (I won't talk about the overwhelming fear I have about bringing that baby home and then having three children ages three and under. *Shudder.* Pray for me, friends.) But those first moments will be so precious, and I'm looking forward to them like a kid anxiously awaits their birthday.

Sigh...anyway...those are my baby thoughts today. Blissfully dreaming of newborn smells and tiny clothes. But enough Wednesday rambling. It's time to talk about how we plan to pay for all of these kiddos. :D

Lesson 11: Working in Your Strengths

I love love love this lesson. Love it! Most of Financial Peace University discusses the "outgo" of our personal finances - how we manage the way we spend and handle what we have. But this lesson focuses on income. And the main focus is on working in a job that we were meant to do. If you want to live not just a successful life financially, but an enriching life all around, then you should be doing something you love to do. THAT will make you a truly successful person. 

There are so many personality profiles out there that can help point you in the right direction of your strengths. Just spend a little time with Google and you can learn more about yourself than you ever dreamed. :) But most of us could probably already say what our dream job would be. For me, if money were no object and I didn't have children to care for, I would be a writer. I would novel away all day long. That is my dream. And Dave encourages everyone to find a way to make their dream work for them. 

Part of our discussion last night included everyone sharing how an employer could use our strengths. What special talents and abilities do we bring to the workplace? A great employer (which is usually indicative of a successful business) will understand that everyone on their team is different and has something unique to offer. It's not about just hiring the right people, but about putting the right people in the right position. It would be silly to put the shyest most reserved individual in the front office greeting people and answering phones. They're just not going to be good at it, no matter how hard of a worker they are. And on the other hand, it would a bad idea to put the life of the party in a back room by themselves all day. It won't be long before they are absolutely miserable. Being a motivated and hard worker means nothing if you can't be doing a job that plays to your strengths. 

If you're not sure about what you should be doing as a career, Dave recommends this book, and so do I!

As part of a real life application, and a little advice to parents out there, Dave uses the illustration of a trap that many of us have or will fall into someday. If your child came home with a report card with four A's and a big fat F, which grade are we naturally inclined to spend the most time talking about? For most of us, that would be the F. While no child should be failing in any subject, the mistake comes when we spend more time worrying about what the child isn't good at instead of fostering and growing what they ARE good at. Some people are just not cut out for math. They just aren't. When they grow up, they probably aren't going to be accountants and engineers. And that is FINE. 

Dave makes the point that being a "well-rounded" person may not be all that it's cracked up to be. Is it better to be mediocre/good at everything, or be GREAT at a few things? Which is going to make you stand out and which plays to your strengths? Instead of trying to mold ourselves into something we are not, we should plant ourselves and bloom in areas that we already enjoy and what we are naturally good at. We will be happier, more successful, and much more productive individuals when we work in our strengths. :)

We only have two more weeks of FPU to go! For as long as this study is, it sure went by fast for me! Eric and I are trying to think of another way to meet with a small group weekly. Another kind of study we can do for the summer. And this time we want to make sure it's family friendly, and probably centered around FOOD - at least for part of it :D So if you're interested in getting together once a week with friends and learning about something, let us know. We are open to suggestions! It's going to be a great summer. :)


The Pettijohn's said...

I do not care what people say each child brings so much emotion when placed on you for the first time. I cried both times. It is just such an amazing moment.

Adrien said...

The older I get the more I just let my emotions fly. Haha. :)

Cassie said...

i'm calling boy here momma!
i love it.
that new baby smell, oh oh oh, i lovie it.
thank you for letting me live through you. ha.


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