Friday, June 29, 2012

Confession Friday 6-29!

I confess that HOLY MOLY we slept in. Ah...there are many horrible things I could say about the heat, but the fact that it knocks my kids out is not one of them.

I confess that I was handcuffed yesterday. By my littlest brother. With legit handcuffs...which I didn't realize until he clicked them shut and said, "Uh...I think my big brother has a key...." My mom eventually rescued me. :)

I confess that a big black spider JUST FELL OUT OF MY SHIRT!!! I am not lying - ahhhhh!!!! What the heck?? My shirt! How the heck did a spider get down my shirt?? Okay, excuse me while I regroup from being thoroughly freaked out....

Ahem...I'm back. But I am not sitting where I was before. *Shiver.* That little monster is loose in here somewhere....

I confess that we put Grace's hair in piggy tails for the first time ever yesterday and she was too-die-for cute, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, the only pictures I got of her were while I was chasing her little behind through Walmart.

Homegirl will NOT sit in a cart.

I confess that we only went to Walmart because we had nothing better to do. Who wants to take a walk in a sauna? Not me. You know we're getting desperate when we go to Walmart for fun.

I confess that it is going to absolutely kill me to stay quiet this election year. Kill me. Our country is so jacked up right now. And that's ALL I'm going to say about THAT.

I confess that I caught a glimpse of myself in a full length mirror for the first time in a month yesterday (because ours was shattered.) I was horrified by what I saw. Haha. I think my rear end and thighs need their own address. Little Reagan, mama is going to have a lot of work to do when you're done baking!

I confess that I'm still heebing out over that stupid spider. And yes, I make up words when I feel like it.

I confess that my parent's dog thinks he is a human being. This was hilarious at first:

...until he almost drowned. TWICE. Teddy, you can't swim, bro! Now we have to watch this little booger like a hawk any time we go outside. 

I confess that Evelyn has learned to open the refrigerator door...ARGH! I can't keep her out of it. "I just want to looook...." she says. To which I always reply, "We cannot stand here and let all of the cold air out." And what does my smarty pants think about that? "Well, I like cold air, too!"

I confess that the Fourth of July is right around the corner, and I do NOT like at-home fireworks. I just don't. They freak me out. Give me a nice light show from far far away and I'll be a happy camper. 

I confess that I am so ready to pack my bags and get out of here it isn't even funny! I won't be back until next Thursday, so here's wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday! 

Have a great weekend!! I'm hoping our trip goes off without a hitch and Eric and I can enjoy a few kid-free days (without missing the kids too much! Haha.)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Taste of Summer

Eric and I seriously have the most hilarious conversations in the morning before he leaves for work. We don't mean to...but it's like we open our eyes to a brand new day and side-splitting laughter just pours out. I can't share specifically what it is we talk about, because well...I would hate to embarrass my husband too badly in a public forum (love you, dear!)...but it usually has something to do with a random thing that happened to him the day before. Eric is the king of unintentional awkward situations. 

And he doesn't discriminate. Doesn't matter if you're a random driver on the highway or one of the most well-known political figures in our area (I'll spare the name, but if you're from around here, you know him, haha.) Eric will find a way to turn an ordinary passing into a face-palm slapping story. Sometimes I think he does things intentionally just to keep me laughing in the morning. :D

So...what have we been up to? Oh, you know. More lazy summer stuff! Swinging and shade dwelling and popsicle eating - that sort of thing. But this week, one of my most FAVORITE parts of summer is officially making it's debut everywhere. It's PEACH time people - the harvests are in - and I LOVE peaches. Had two last night before I went to sleep! 

Ah, there is nothing like a sweet summer peach. They are just the right combination of sweet and tart. Juicy and soft and fragrant...I love em in cobblers and pies and just straight-picked and eaten whole. Funny thing is, I can't stand peach flavored anything. Human beings have yet to duplicate the wonder and joy of the peach found in creation. Peaches are truly a taste of summer wrapped in a soft fuzzy package.

The bible doesn't actually say which fruit it was that Adam and Eve ate in the garden. I personally think it was something we've never even seen before. BUT...I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that whichever fruit it was, peaches must be a very, very close cousin. ;)

And now families in our area can enjoy fun traditions at Eckert's

If it wasn't going to be so stinkin HOT today, I'd pack the girls up and spend a day at the farm. (Kids eat free in the country restaurant on Thursdays!) Gosh darn it, my mouth is watering for some sun drenched peaches and a bottomless bowl of chicken and dumplings. Curse you 108 degree day! (Yes, that is 108. With a one, a zero, and an eight. Ridiculous!)

^^I swear if this drought has a huge impact on our beloved Fall pumpkins I'm going to die a little inside.

But seriously, how cute would all of the littles look scampering around a peach orchard with pink and orange dripping down their little arms and mouths full of summer goodness? Priceless pictures I tell you. One of these days we need to organize a pick-your-own field trip. :) 

For now, we'll settle for peach picnics (as Evie calls them) in the shade of our own backyards....


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This week needs to go by fast....

One week from today Eric and I will be waking up to our last day of mini-cation. Sigh. We've been looking forward to this little getaway for quite a while now, and now that it's so close we keep catching each other's glance and smiling in anticipation. It's been three years since I've had even one night away with my best friend.'s pretty much all we can talk about. :)

My children are kind of driving me insane at the moment, so it's really all I can think about.

We're staying here.

The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center

And I will be spending a lot of time here.

Trying to tan my pasty white pregnant self.

And since the Westin is connected to a shopping center, it's pretty much a guarantee that Eric and I will be doing a lot of shopping (woot!), eating, lounging, and relaxing. It's one of those vacations that you don't feel like you need a vacation from vacation, if you know what I mean. :)

Since we'll be gone through part of next week, I won't be blogging Monday-Wednesday. We planned the trip to coincide with the Fourth of July holiday so that Eric could get even more time off. Have I mentioned that I can't wait?

The girls will get to spend the night with their grandparents for a couple of days, and I think they'll have just as much fun as we will! This will be a good test run for October when I'm staying in the hospital with Reagan. Evie has only ever spent the night away from us one other time - when Gracie was born. And Gracie never has. So I think they'll enjoy a little change in scenery. :)

For now, my children really are making me bonkers this morning. I'm going to bathe them and get them  out of this house. Our ultimate plan: to survive this week. That's it. We just have to make it through in one piece.

Sorry for the short post, but you really don't want to know what I spent my day doing yesterday. You would be even more bored to tears. Haha. Peace out, friends.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Step Right Up!

Another joy of summer has come and gone. :) Our weekend looked very similar to many of yours, but for those of you not around these parts, it was our city's annual Fireman's Picnic and parade. Creaky carnival rides, cotton candy, fried food, booming just wouldn't be summertime without it!

We decided to take BOTH of our children to the festivities, and surprisingly, it wasn't awful. (Wasn't perfect, either...but definitely not awful, haha.) This is going to be one of those posts of many pictures and few words. Ready, set, go.

We took our girls on Friday evening for about an hour or so. Since there were really only two rides that they could enjoy we left with extra tickets. But the girls took a few turns around on the cars and pink elephants before pooping out. :)

Verdict is still out on what Gracie truly thought about being stuck on a bejeweled flying pachyderm. 


As expected, the cars were a kid favorite. 

I was terrified of what would happen once the ride stopped, because I just knew that Gracie would throw a fit and refuse to get off. But she did surprisingly well! However, this is what my children looked like waiting in line to get back on:

Grace was so impatient for the ride to start that she decided she didn't want to ride at all. So big sister went solo and my youngest was perfectly happy waving from the sidelines.

But Gracie gets what it's really all about - chugging ice cold lemonade on a warm summer's night. :)

We got our carnival fill, and no one was unhappy to leave (another huge surprise!) It was just the right dose of squeaky, blinky, sugary, over-stimulation to last us for another year. I can't believe that we'll have an eight month old son along for the ride this time next year!  

On Sunday we braved the elements and sat outside with half of Southern Illinois (ha!) to enjoy the parade. And things went just about as expected. Evelyn did awesome, Gracie had a few classic melt downs, and we all sweated our rear-ends off. But despite the heat, we had really great time.

The parade always kicks off with a fleet of local communities' fire trucks...

...and this is what Evie thought about that....

^^This float cracked us up! :)

Eventually we saw some familiar faces. Grace and Evie spotted their grandma and grandpa driving the VBS float we worked on.

There WAS a rainbow balloon arch on the front, but as we feared might happen, the balloons popped in the heat of the sun. Oh well! You win some, you lose some. :)

Fun was had by all! I am just so grateful for the opportunity to share some of the same fun traditions I had as a kid with my own children. It makes life a little more exciting again. :)

I woke up this morning able to put full weight on my left foot for the first time since last Tuesday, so here's hoping this week is a great one! Just having two feet to walk on is definitely something I take for granted every day. (Evelyn is currently hobbling around the house saying, "I have a bee sting!" Oh brother.) Reagan was also on kicking overdrive this weekend, so even though he wasn't exactly present with us, something tells me he had a great time, too. :D

Love my family and small town living. I wouldn't trade this life for anything!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Confession Friday 6-22!

If Evelyn were President....

"Excuse me while I work my magic...."

", you're not going to believe this."

"World peace!" :)

On with the confessions!

I confess that after my own bee stinging foot drama I am over-the-top paranoid about my kids getting stung. I don't even want them to SWIM without their shoes on, haha.

I confess that I currently owe my sanity to Extra Strength Benadryl Itch Stopping Cream. Got yourself an itch? Get you summa that.

I confess that I know this makes me sound like the most horrible mother in the world, but I am seriously considering not taking one of my children to our town's annual Fireman's Picnic. Ugh...I've been thinking about this for a month. Gracie WILL throw a fit if she is forced off of a ride. There will be kicking and screaming and total drama every.single.time. Do I even mess with it? I just don't know.

I confess that I'm really looking forward to raiding my children's parade candy this weekend. :) I think my bag of candy was a sixth food group in the summer when I was kid.

I confess that I was scared to give up my little car, but now I'm quite enjoying being one of the taller vehicles on the road. I can SEE over bushes - yes!

I confess that I am in the stage of pregnancy where I occasionally forget that I'm pregnant. I'm not too huge, and I'm not sick, so sometimes I think "Oh yeah! There's a kid in there!"

If Gracie were President....

"Guys, guys - I think I can get us some giant slip 'n slides on the front lawn."


"I am awesome!"

I confess that I never had much interest in traveling to the west coast, but Evelyn is obsessed with California. All of her "friends" live there and she is always talking about "Cally-fornya." Now I want to take her!

I confess that I'm jealous of my own kids who have inherited their daddy's beautiful full lips. Sigh, Eric Robert lips...oh! sorry...I was having a moment. ;)

I confess that I just polished off a 300 calorie slice of apple pie for breakfast. I don't regret it.

I confess that one of my children is eating popcorn off of the floor from our movie night last night. I think that's my cue!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Ours will be filled with festivities, if my foot heals up enough for me to enjoy them! Maybe we'll see you around. :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bug Zone!

Before the "official" blog post today, I just have a little PSA to anyone that has kids or spends a lot of time outdoors. Please don't let your kiddos run around outside without shoes on - holy BEES! I am couch bound today from one little sting on the bottom of my foot that has totally taken me out. It's sore and swollen, and I seriously need crutches. (Have you ever seen a pregnant woman try to hop on one foot? Even I know I look ridiculous! Haha.) My sister has been to the emergency room for stings twice in two weeks - the second time because she was throwing up from her bee sting. She has an allergy apparently, and the doctor told her every time she gets stung for the rest of her life, the symptoms will be doubly intensified each time. My little brother has also been stung.

The sad thing is, I was actually wearing shoes when I got stung. The little booger flew under my sandal as I was walking and stung me. The bees are especially bad in our area because of our mild winter and current drought. All I know is that I've been stung multiple times in my life by different things, and this one takes the cake. I can't even imagine being a little kid and dealing with this today. So please, please, please, be careful! It sucks.

Now, speaking of pesky little insects....

Its Vacation Bible School season again, and this year our theme is Bug Zone: Transformed by our big God! For one week in July our kids will be playing buggy games, making buggy crafts, and even eating buggy snacks. :) But the most important part of VBS are the lessons that they will learn. Like a caterpillar that mysteriously changes into a butterfly, many of US have been transformed by God. And the bible shares many many stories of other people who have been transformed throughout history. 

Each night our children will learn about someone in the bible who was transformed by our big God. 

Taken from the Bug Zone website.
(Ignore the crafts - we're doing our own!)

I am working with the preschoolers this year, so I might see some of your kids there! VBS is for kids ages 3 through 6th grade. I am so excited that Evelyn will be able to attend Vacation Bible School for the first time this year, and even more excited that I will get to watch her experience it.

I don't have a single childhood summer memory that doesn't include Vacation Bible School. My sister and I were just talking yesterday about how we can't drink red kool-aid without thinking about VBS. :) It is a wonderful ministry to little kids and a super fun time! You don't have to be a member of our church or any church to attend. In fact, last year in my class of fifteen 1st and 2nd graders, only ONE of my students was from our church. The rest were visitors!

And just like last year, we are putting a float in the Red Bud Fireman's parade. My parents were asked to be in charge of the float this year, and so even though I'm not in charge, I've still been helping out. If you've ever built a parade float before, you know it can take a lot of time and there are many steps! We're not even close to finished yet, but here are a few sneak peeks. :)

Yep. we still have a looong way to go before this weekend. If you're going to be at the parade this year be sure to keep a lookout for the float!

So if you know any children looking for something fun to do this summer, make sure to send them our way! Here is all of the information you need:

Vacation Bible School
Bug Zone: Transformed By Our BIG God!
First Baptist Church of Red Bud (new building)
July 22-27
6:30 - 9:00pm

I would love to work with some of your preschoolers (ages 3 & 4), but that class fills up FAST, so if you think you might like to send your kiddos, let me know and I can reserve them a spot! Hope to see some of you there! :D

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Summer Days

And it's not even officially summer yet, is it?

Okay, so I had two options today. I could bore you with a repeat blog of the exact same things we did this weekend. Or I could not blog at all. Obviously here I am. :) Swimming and swinging is pretty much our life at the moment! We were on the go, go, go for about two weeks solid, and now we are enjoying a little R&R....

I made a mistake and grabbed the wrong bag yesterday, so the girls had no suits to wear. We improvised. Haha. I spared my daughter the bare bottomed pictures of her on the swing when she decided wearing a diaper was too cumbersome for her. :D

My chunky monkey was still too afraid to go into the "big pool" so she hung out and splashed around while her fearless sister gave it another shot:

They are water babies by day, and when the sun goes down, more than likely our kids are strapped into a stroller to enjoy some more fresh air. Our walks last a solid two hours or more, because that's just how we stroll. It's a great time for Eric and I to talk, and now that Evie is quite the conversationalist, she enjoys putting in her two cents as well. And we've discovered the secret to keeping two kids happy when it's dark out: glow sticks!

By the time we were home the girls had one in each hand, and Evelyn insisted on using the potty in the dark so she could keep playing, haha. I think we're going to have to stock up on these things. They'll be great for all of the late night outdoor stuff that we do this summer, including the Fourth of July. A much safer, cheap, and a heckuva lot longer lasting alternative to sparklers for the littlest ones. :) We see them for super cheap at the Dollar Tree all the time. By the way, Dollar Tree is a great supporter of Operation Homefront...just another reason to love that place.

Today we begin work on a special project that I'll probably be sharing here tomorrow. Our little town is gearing up for a big event this weekend! :)


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