Friday, June 15, 2012

Confession Friday 6-15!

Yesterday was the looongest day of my life. Grace wasn't feeling well, and she was super clingy all day long...rendering me completely useless to do anything. Boy do I hope we're able to get out of the house today! While I was taking care of Gracie, Evelyn did her share of destroying the house and getting into everything:

That would be mascara. My children love mascara...the hardest thing in the world to scrub off of human skin. And I would know, because they have found and destroyed three tubes in the last month. 

I confess that last night, Evelyn said the words that Eric and I have joked about since the day we had our first baby. As we passed a ball diamond of littles playing ball, Evelyn said:

Evie: I want to be a SPORTS kid!
(Eric and I look at each other in disbelief, trying not to laugh)
Eric: Evie, don't you mean you want to be a library kid?
Evie: ...No.... I want to be a sports kid like those sports kids!
Me: Bahahahahaha.....

This is only funny if you are aware of the fact that neither Eric nor myself know anything about sports, have no interest in sports, and have hoped and prayed from day one that our kids would quietly join us in our bookish ways. Not looking so good for us. :)

I confess that I stayed up half the night last night going through old baby clothes, and I'm not even close to finished. I have even more than I thought! Yard sale time!

I confess that I'm already scouting out Halloween costumes for my children - especially for Reagan. It's a sickness. 

I confess that nothing is funnier than a three year old in a wig:

Uncle Ty Ty got Evelyn Rapunzel dress up for her birthday. :D She insisted on climbing into her sister's crib so that she could "let down her hair."

Hahaha....these pictures are so blurry because I couldn't hold the phone still enough while I was laughing my butt off.

I confess that I can't WAIT to be laying poolside with my man in a couple of weeks. Mini-cation cannot get here soon enough!

I confess that the state of my house is giving me the heebs. There is crap everywhere. Someone want to take a couple of hooligans off of my hands today? :)

I confess that Reagan is turning cartwheels, and I think I'm going to toss my cookies. Must have been those coco puffs I had for breakfast this morning!

I confess that one of my children is currently streaking through the house...excuse me.

I confess that Evie wants me to read some books with her, and I can turn down a request like that? :) Hope you guys have a great weekend! 

OH, but first we want to wish all of the dads out there a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I'm not sure if the girls realize what an awesome dad they have, but I can speak for them. They have an awesome dad! :) And I am personally very lucky to have a father and father-in-law who would pretty much drop anything to help us out. Fathers are very important people, and I hope all the dads have a great weekend. :) 


The Independent Spinster said...

I confess that I may or may not be covering up the cheek and lip stain that came in my Birchbox with makeup today. When they say "stain" they mean business. You better know what you are doing before you put that shit on.

Melissa W. said...

Equal parts castor oil and olive oil will cut that stuff like butter...then, just use a warm washcloth to get the oil off... (You won't even have to scrub)

Anonymous said...

you should ship Evie up here for the football season this year, Nick and Abbey can teach her all about sports


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