Friday, June 1, 2012

Confession Friday - Eric is Awesome.

Helloooo Friday!
How I have missed you.

I had some technical difficulties yesterday. My computer battery died and so did the power charger. Eric informed me when he got home that there was a brand new charger in the computer desk all along. Say what?! I've been dealing with a temperamental power cord for months! 

We started Evelyn's birthday cake yesterday. Evelyn is super duper excited to be three! And one week from tomorrow we will know if our little bun in the oven is a boy or a girl. Eric shared with me this morning what he secretly wishes it is. You might be surprised. :)

So...before Evelyn turns three, there is another very important birthday in our family. This is Eric's birthday weekend!! (Evie's due date was actually on her daddy's birthday - June 3rd.) So today I thought I would do a special Confession Friday: Eric Edition. Haha.

I confess that there is not a doubt in my my mind - not one - that Eric Joseph Robert was the man I was meant to marry and do this life thing with. Love him to peices!

I confess that I don't care how sickening that sounds. It's true. :)

I confess that Eric has been the age he is turning this Sunday for about seven years now. No one believes he is as young as he is. But now he can officially say that he is old enough to rent a car. Unfortunately, I will always be older him. :/

I confess that I beg Eric to stay home from work every day just because he looks so gosh darn cute in his work clothes, and I don't want to let him go! :)

I confess that we're spending Eric's birthday cleaning carpets, and I feel bad. But he insists that it's cool. I still feel bad.

I confess that Eric's kryptonite is Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

I confess that I always call Eric at work with made up important information and the excuse that I hope he's on a lunch break...but really I just miss him. Pathetic! :)

Sigh...Eric spends special time with each of his girls before he leaves for work each day. :)

I confess that the first thing that attracted me to the hubs was: his smell. Holy. Moly. 

I confess that my biggest annoyance with my darling husband is...toenails in the bathroom sink. It's sick, Eric. Sick, I say!

I confess Eric would probably make a better housewife than me. (Despite toenails in the sink, haha.)

I confess that if we ever have a son someday, I hope he's quiet, cute, and his daddy. :) Cause heaven knows I already have my rambunctious child!

I confess that Eric has the worst memory ever, and he has the uncanny ability to never get song lyrics correct. There are few things I can truly pick on him for, so you better believe I take advantage of this one! :)

I confess that I think Eric has magic powers. I can't stay mad at him, no matter what. And the guy still gives me butterflies. What is this spell he has me under?? I think he slips love potion in my lemonade.

I confess that this was the easiest confession friday ever. I could drone on all day long...haha. But I'll just say

I love you so much.
You make my heart smile. 
Don't forget to hurry home.
We have to go shopping a while.
I know you don't want to.
But you will anyway.
That's why you're so awesome.
Sending smooches your way.
The End.


Sarah said...

I envy your love. Really, it makes my heart smile & hurt at the same time lol. Happy Birthday Weekend Eric!!! You deserve to be nothing but spoiled by all your girls :)

Melissa W. said...

Happy Birthday Eric!!

This was suuuuuper sweet, Adrien. Eric is so lucky to have a woman like you.

I confess that I hope I run in to you & your brood while I'm in town tomorrow...that would just be super awesome to finally meet in person.

Adrien said...

We'll be at the park around 5:00! ;)

Eric Robert said...

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, palsy. I love you, too!

Ashley N. said...

Aww! That was a sweet post, Adrien! Happy Birthday, Eric! Have a great day cleaning carpets :)

Katie said...

So sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome colored birthday cake dough! April R.


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