Friday, June 8, 2012

Confession Friday Quickie!


I confess that I can't even believe I'm sitting down to type this right now, because I have a million and one things to do today, and I'm quite certain my head is in fact going to explode. I must really love hanging out here or something. :)

I confess that while looking through pictures of the past year for Evie's birthday slideshow I found it quite strange to see my daughter with a pacifier in her mouth. It seems like only yesterday, but now...can't even imagine it.

I confess that if crack is illegal then Nutter Butters should be, too.

I confess that I have barely gotten to drive my mom-mobile at all, because Eric wants to take it to work every day. Haha...what gives? (I don't blame ya, dude.)

I confess that if Jesus was a carpenter in sandals, then I can conquer anything in a pair of flip flops.

I confess that a teeny tiny part of me wants to leave the sex of our baby a mystery for just a little longer. Maybe I'm just not ready for the dreaming and what if's to be over.... But who am I kidding? I wanna know. Tomorrow! Woot!

I confess that I think it's just plain wrong that pregnant women cannot enjoy relaxing in a hot tub. I mean, who needs a hot tub more than a pregnant woman? No one.

I confess that I love Aldi to pieces, but I have some beef with their Clancy's Party Mix. Dear Clancy, I know you think you're doing me a favor by putting 35% less sodium in your chex mix...but all you have done is taken away 35% of the flavor. It's funky now. Bring back the original!

I confess that I have a pain in the butt. For real - it hurts! I don't work out, so why in the world are my glutes sore? Pregnancy is so weird....

Now I'm going to try to keep my eyelids open while I put a cake together, clean the house, finish decorating for a birthday, go shopping, and take care of my kids. Please excuse me while I walk to the closet to find my cape. :)

Hope you have a great weekend!!


Ashley Mitchell said...

NO hot baths!?! What!?! My doctor didn't restrict me from that, I would have died!

Adrien said...

I think baths are okay, but no spa stuff. :)

The Independent Spinster said...

I got the "no hot water" lecture from my doctor. He included baths...but I like my bath water just below the boiling point.

Anonymous said...

Denny and I are excited to hear of the babies sex. Good luck with the party plans Adrien! You are definitely one super mom! April R


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