Monday, June 18, 2012

Lazy Summer Days...

It doesn't matter what we do on the weekends...a lot or a little...grand things or simple things...the weekend is the weekend. And I am always sad to see it go. Sigh.

This weekend was fairly quiet, with lots of family time and even a little date night. If you consider a trip to Gymboree, Walmart, and Burger King a date night. Haha. Hey, without kids, anything can be a date! We had a nice Father's Day, too. Church in the morning, nap in the middle, and a family BBQ late in the afternoon. It's insane how fast time can go even when you're taking it easy!

So, the girls and I worked on a little project for Eric for Father's Day: 

We put it all together, and late on Saturday night I propped it up on his bedside table so that he would see it when he woke up in the morning. When Eric saw it, he said, "I can put it next to my other one at work!" 

What? What "other one?" Does Eric have another family that I don't know about? Haha. Nope. Apparently I did the same thing last year, and I completely forgot about it. I still don't remember doing it! But Eric swears that he looks at the other one every single day. He assumed that I was starting a new tradition and that he was going to get one of these every year. (Which now of course, we have to do!) But the truth is I was suffering from a case of preggo brain. :)

Evelyn and Grace were excited about a new pool to swim in at their grandma and grandpa's house. My parents bought a two-foot pool for the kids to splash around in this summer, so we packed their swimming suits yesterday and thought they were going to have a grand ole time while the adults grilled and supervised. Unfortunately, BOTH of the girls went under in just seconds after being in the pool, terrifying them (and their parents) and putting a quick end to swimming. Even two-foot pools are big to little ones! So they played on the swings in their bathing suits instead.

And later they decided that pool toys are much more fun outside of the pool, anyway. :)

Other than some great family walks and wonderful conversations with my best friend Eric Joseph, those were the highlights of our weekend. :) Not much to share today! We're going to quickly do a few chores and get the heck out of here this morning. I love summer time!


The Independent Spinster said...

I could just squeeze their cheeks off

Cassie said...

the other day we went to the park and your dad and john were there. john and stella played together for a bit and stella just kept referring to him as 'boy' ha i kept telling her his name was john, but nope she would say, that's the boy doing? where's the boy at? ha. sorry john.

ps - i think that would be a cute tradition for eric. a little creepy once they get like grown up - lol. but cute!


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