Monday, June 4, 2012

May Babes

Am I really thinking back on the month of May already? Geez, 2012. Slow up, already!

We had the busiest weekend in the history of the world. Besides sleeping, I seriously think our girls spent about one hour total each day at home. There were birthdays and graduation parties and visits to grandma and grandpas and church and shopping and if we got home early enough we turned around again to take a walk. We cleaned our carpets (woot!) and became a one-car family. I no longer have my trusty little Toyota to drive around in. The time came to say goodbye, and it was a sad day. I loved my little car. But we already have our eyes on its replacement, and I might just have something to show ya tomorrow. :)

This week isn't looking any less busy. We're gearing up for Evie's birthday party this weekend, and there's lots to do! In addition to that, we've got our very last FPU class, baby appointments, more shopping, nights planned with friends, and more. I feel like I need a pep talk and a good "go team!" to start this week. And that is our life in a nutshell at the moment.

But onto the babies....

I'm still allowed to call them that, because they're mine, and I can call them anything I please. :)

May was an interesting month in the development of our children. Some good...some not so good.

Evelyn has officially surpassed her mother on the create-o-meter. Her imagination is off of the CHARTS! And her imaginary friends have the coolest names - much better than my old friend "Ambala." Evie has two pals, a boy and a girl, and their names are Haiku and Togan. They call our house A LOT.

Evie is really flourishing in her own personality right now, but I have to be SO careful about what I say around her. She's in the whole "imitating mom" phase, and many of my popular phrases are becoming some of her favorites, too. When she's finished with something, she's "done, done, done-zo." And a few days ago as she was walking behind me in the kitchen she said, "Move it or lose it, biscuit buns!" It is cute to refer to your children's tiny hineys as little biscuits, but it is not so cute when your children reference your own doughy behind. :)

While her mind-power soars, Evelyn has suddenly decided to go through a really timid stage when it comes to experiences. She's super cautious on the playground, thinks the tiniest boo-boo's are the end of the world, and she has rediscovered her fear of the vacuum cleaner. With the loss of her beloved pacifier a couple of months ago she has stopped taking naps during the day, and consequently she gets very emotional by the end of the day. Not crabby - just easily wounded. Oh, and she spits. Homegirl spits all the time, everywhere, without discrimination. It's really annoying and she is in trouble for it constantly. Someone tell me your child went through a spitting phase and grew out of it. Pretty please!

Now Gracie - she's been something else! I need help with this child, and I'm not kidding. I have often referenced my second kid as a daredevil, and boy has she taken that to new levels. At 19 months old she has conquered the steep rock-climbing wall at the playground (by herself!), and she is really proud of herself for it! Evie won't even attempt the wall, but Gracie can zoom up it with ease. She'll slide down any slide, jump from any height, and attempt to eat anything in her sight that looks the least bit interesting. In other words, my baby is a walking nightmare waiting to happen.

I absolutely love that she has a sense of adventure, and she just gets cuter every single day. BUT...she has started throwing tantrums. Like, HUGE, full-blown, kicking, screaming, flailing, biting, WAILING, tantrums. These are not your typical little fits that toddlers often throw. I've had a typical toddler, and I know what those fits look like. These are the kind where intervening sometimes makes things worse. At home these tantrums are more easily ignored or handled, but it is the worst in public...and we've been in public a lot lately.

The "experts" have a few tips and tricks for handling these things. I've tried several techniques. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I know one thing: It sucks having to think twice about taking Gracie with us places for fear that she will have one of her frequent outbursts. All I can do is pray that this is something she outgrows. Grace Violet Robert is the child I read about in fear and trembling before I had any babies of my own: The Strong Willed Child. Eek! I'm currently taking any advice for tantrum throwers. :)

As for baby #3, we're going to get some exciting news very soon! We'll know in less than a week if we're having a boy or girl, and of course you will all know as soon as possible. :) I felt the baby kick from the outside for the first time this month, which was totally awesome! It doesn't matter how many times you are pregnant, every experience is just as neat when it happens. Just last night I was able to SEE my belly moving around.

May was busy, busy, busy, and my kids actually didn't mind at all. In fact, they are totally spoiled with being on the go, and spending a day at home simply isn't good enough any more. The very first thing Evie says when she wakes up in the morning is, "The sun is up! Where are we going today??" She literally says this every single day. So at this point, I'm just doing my best to handle all that is on my plate while keeping up with two very energetic kids on the outside and growing one very quiet baby on the inside. With renewed energy in the second-trimester, it's kind of fun having a lot to do. And now, I need to get to it!

Happy week! 

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Sarah said...

I adore your children, I really really do :)

It is crazy how every child is so different. Makes me nervous about #3 lol.


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