Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Summer Days

And it's not even officially summer yet, is it?

Okay, so I had two options today. I could bore you with a repeat blog of the exact same things we did this weekend. Or I could not blog at all. Obviously here I am. :) Swimming and swinging is pretty much our life at the moment! We were on the go, go, go for about two weeks solid, and now we are enjoying a little R&R....

I made a mistake and grabbed the wrong bag yesterday, so the girls had no suits to wear. We improvised. Haha. I spared my daughter the bare bottomed pictures of her on the swing when she decided wearing a diaper was too cumbersome for her. :D

My chunky monkey was still too afraid to go into the "big pool" so she hung out and splashed around while her fearless sister gave it another shot:

They are water babies by day, and when the sun goes down, more than likely our kids are strapped into a stroller to enjoy some more fresh air. Our walks last a solid two hours or more, because that's just how we stroll. It's a great time for Eric and I to talk, and now that Evie is quite the conversationalist, she enjoys putting in her two cents as well. And we've discovered the secret to keeping two kids happy when it's dark out: glow sticks!

By the time we were home the girls had one in each hand, and Evelyn insisted on using the potty in the dark so she could keep playing, haha. I think we're going to have to stock up on these things. They'll be great for all of the late night outdoor stuff that we do this summer, including the Fourth of July. A much safer, cheap, and a heckuva lot longer lasting alternative to sparklers for the littlest ones. :) We see them for super cheap at the Dollar Tree all the time. By the way, Dollar Tree is a great supporter of Operation Homefront...just another reason to love that place.

Today we begin work on a special project that I'll probably be sharing here tomorrow. Our little town is gearing up for a big event this weekend! :)

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