Monday, June 25, 2012

Step Right Up!

Another joy of summer has come and gone. :) Our weekend looked very similar to many of yours, but for those of you not around these parts, it was our city's annual Fireman's Picnic and parade. Creaky carnival rides, cotton candy, fried food, booming just wouldn't be summertime without it!

We decided to take BOTH of our children to the festivities, and surprisingly, it wasn't awful. (Wasn't perfect, either...but definitely not awful, haha.) This is going to be one of those posts of many pictures and few words. Ready, set, go.

We took our girls on Friday evening for about an hour or so. Since there were really only two rides that they could enjoy we left with extra tickets. But the girls took a few turns around on the cars and pink elephants before pooping out. :)

Verdict is still out on what Gracie truly thought about being stuck on a bejeweled flying pachyderm. 


As expected, the cars were a kid favorite. 

I was terrified of what would happen once the ride stopped, because I just knew that Gracie would throw a fit and refuse to get off. But she did surprisingly well! However, this is what my children looked like waiting in line to get back on:

Grace was so impatient for the ride to start that she decided she didn't want to ride at all. So big sister went solo and my youngest was perfectly happy waving from the sidelines.

But Gracie gets what it's really all about - chugging ice cold lemonade on a warm summer's night. :)

We got our carnival fill, and no one was unhappy to leave (another huge surprise!) It was just the right dose of squeaky, blinky, sugary, over-stimulation to last us for another year. I can't believe that we'll have an eight month old son along for the ride this time next year!  

On Sunday we braved the elements and sat outside with half of Southern Illinois (ha!) to enjoy the parade. And things went just about as expected. Evelyn did awesome, Gracie had a few classic melt downs, and we all sweated our rear-ends off. But despite the heat, we had really great time.

The parade always kicks off with a fleet of local communities' fire trucks...

...and this is what Evie thought about that....

^^This float cracked us up! :)

Eventually we saw some familiar faces. Grace and Evie spotted their grandma and grandpa driving the VBS float we worked on.

There WAS a rainbow balloon arch on the front, but as we feared might happen, the balloons popped in the heat of the sun. Oh well! You win some, you lose some. :)

Fun was had by all! I am just so grateful for the opportunity to share some of the same fun traditions I had as a kid with my own children. It makes life a little more exciting again. :)

I woke up this morning able to put full weight on my left foot for the first time since last Tuesday, so here's hoping this week is a great one! Just having two feet to walk on is definitely something I take for granted every day. (Evelyn is currently hobbling around the house saying, "I have a bee sting!" Oh brother.) Reagan was also on kicking overdrive this weekend, so even though he wasn't exactly present with us, something tells me he had a great time, too. :D

Love my family and small town living. I wouldn't trade this life for anything!


Cassie said...

great photos!!
and PTL for no meltdowns. lol.
i saw your guys from a distance on friday and thought ohhhh i hope that's going good. lol.

The Independent Spinster said...

I was looking for you guys this weekend...I wanted to get my hands on that little Gracie.

Adrien said...

Yeah, I was shocked by how many people we DIDN'T see this weekend. I was trying to look for everyone. :)


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