Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Taste of Summer

Eric and I seriously have the most hilarious conversations in the morning before he leaves for work. We don't mean to...but it's like we open our eyes to a brand new day and side-splitting laughter just pours out. I can't share specifically what it is we talk about, because well...I would hate to embarrass my husband too badly in a public forum (love you, dear!)...but it usually has something to do with a random thing that happened to him the day before. Eric is the king of unintentional awkward situations. 

And he doesn't discriminate. Doesn't matter if you're a random driver on the highway or one of the most well-known political figures in our area (I'll spare the name, but if you're from around here, you know him, haha.) Eric will find a way to turn an ordinary passing into a face-palm slapping story. Sometimes I think he does things intentionally just to keep me laughing in the morning. :D

So...what have we been up to? Oh, you know. More lazy summer stuff! Swinging and shade dwelling and popsicle eating - that sort of thing. But this week, one of my most FAVORITE parts of summer is officially making it's debut everywhere. It's PEACH time people - the harvests are in - and I LOVE peaches. Had two last night before I went to sleep! 

Ah, there is nothing like a sweet summer peach. They are just the right combination of sweet and tart. Juicy and soft and fragrant...I love em in cobblers and pies and just straight-picked and eaten whole. Funny thing is, I can't stand peach flavored anything. Human beings have yet to duplicate the wonder and joy of the peach found in creation. Peaches are truly a taste of summer wrapped in a soft fuzzy package.

The bible doesn't actually say which fruit it was that Adam and Eve ate in the garden. I personally think it was something we've never even seen before. BUT...I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that whichever fruit it was, peaches must be a very, very close cousin. ;)

And now families in our area can enjoy fun traditions at Eckert's

If it wasn't going to be so stinkin HOT today, I'd pack the girls up and spend a day at the farm. (Kids eat free in the country restaurant on Thursdays!) Gosh darn it, my mouth is watering for some sun drenched peaches and a bottomless bowl of chicken and dumplings. Curse you 108 degree day! (Yes, that is 108. With a one, a zero, and an eight. Ridiculous!)

^^I swear if this drought has a huge impact on our beloved Fall pumpkins I'm going to die a little inside.

But seriously, how cute would all of the littles look scampering around a peach orchard with pink and orange dripping down their little arms and mouths full of summer goodness? Priceless pictures I tell you. One of these days we need to organize a pick-your-own field trip. :) 

For now, we'll settle for peach picnics (as Evie calls them) in the shade of our own backyards....


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The Independent Spinster said...

Well. Now I'm craving peaches. Thanks!


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