Friday, July 20, 2012

Confession Friday 7-20!

Friday has come!

I confess that once again, ANTS have infiltrated the Robert household, and I am the official antinator. No creature is safe.

I confess that cute people really do get off easier in this world...just ask Grace Robert.

I confess that I am notorious for forgetting about wet laundry in the washing machine. Our clothes often take a second ride through the rinse cycle. Whoops!

I confess that my son has been working hard to make more room inside cramped quarters, so if you see me somewhere and I randomly lurch forward in pain, do not be alarmed. (Well, I don't know - maybe you should be alarmed.) But it's probably nothing. Reagan doesn't kick...he grinds in his heels and puuushes.

I confess that I will never, ever, in my lifetime be a morning person. But this guy, on the other hand:

Downright chipper. 
I miss his face.

I confess that I can never remember how far along in my pregnancy I am. I check online almost daily to make sure I know how much more time I have before complete chaos ensues. :)

I confess that my two-night stay in the hospital after having a baby is like a vacation for me. Room service and people waiting on my every need? Kinda nice. Haha.

I confess that last night I ran into Target by myself and walked briskly back to the toys to see what they had. I passed two guys talking, and one said, "Now see, there's a girl who walks with confidence," and the other guy said, "Yeah, but she's pregnant." Bahaha, I have no idea what the context of their conversation was, but I laughed all the way to the toy section.

I confess that I just gave my children gum balls to appease them while I finish this post...what person gives a one year old gum? This person.

I confess that Grace has nearly deleted these confessions about five times now, and I'm about to lose it. 

Aww, remember when she wast just an innocent little thing?

And then they learn to walk. :)

Okay, seriously, it took me like two hours to come up with this stuff. It's just one of those days! I have no clue what I'm feeding my children for lunch. And it's about that time. 

Oh - don't forget - if you know any school aged children, Vacation Bible School starts this Sunday! It's going to be good times. I confess that I'm exhausted just thinking about this week. Haha. 

K, The End. 


Sarah said...

I agree, the hospital stay is kind of nice lol.

Are you carrying lower this time? I have carried low all 3x & I swear it's a 'boy' thing. Little Liam can only way a pound or so & I feel like he could fall out any second.

Anonymous said...

how did the shopping go at Target? I am going to try that out next time, couldnt get there last night.

Adrien said...

Sarah - I DO feel like I'm carrying lower! My body just looks different this time, and I think that's it. Maybe this one won't be in my ribs as much, but yes, it already feels like he could fall out, haha.

Angie - I checked two Targets yesterday and their pricing was all over the place! Some things were 30%, some 50% and a few had been marked to 70%, but nothing I was looking for. That means by this time next week most places will have their hard markdowns. Looks like I will have to go back. :)


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