Monday, July 30, 2012

Family and Sports We Care About!

Hallelujah! I have my computer back, Eric is home, and all is well in our world. We had a pleasant weekend full of playing and walking and lots of shopping, and in between all of those things Grace decided to become her possessed self once again. I can't count the amount of times we walked out of somewhere early, had to stop eating a meal, or that I had to sit with her in the car because she decided to throw tantrums of gargantuan portions. The girl is bull-headed to the nth degree. She goes through peaks and valleys with her behavior, and this weekend...well...let's just say Eric and I laughed, we cried, we threatened to chuck children out of the window... :)

If you don't have one already, I pray that you are never blessed with a strong-willed child. I suppose they build character or something...haha.... Still, even after the worst days with Gracie I find myself tucking her into bed at night and thanking God for my precious gift. She is a handful, but I love her to itty bitty peices.

Friday evening was a super fun time at our VBS family night!

The bounce house was a hit!

But nothing held the girls' attention quite like little pools filled up with water and sand.'s the little things!

We found Aunt Shannon working at the face painting booth. Evelyn wanted purple ladybugs on her hands. I have never seen a purple ladybug myself, but what Evie wants Evie gets. :)

Somewhere between stuffing our faces with hotdogs and nachos and popcorn, we found John enjoying a sno-cone in the cardboard village. Haha.

There was a dunk tank and lawn games and lots of people to talk with and friends to see. The girls came home filthy and sweaty, which must mean that family night was a success!

We came home to a nice hot bubble bath and the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games. I briefly shared my love of the Olympics on Friday, and was understandably picked on for it. :D Yes, it is a well-known fact that the Robert family usually cares nothing about sports. But the olympics are not the same...they're just not. It's swimming, and diving, and gymnastics, and fencing, and archery, and all of the things we don't get to see every day on TV. 

It's national pride...not just individual team pride...and as a fairly patriotic family, it is awesome to get to cheer on the good ole U.S. of A! Even our kids get into it. It is ridiculously educational. I always learn something about other cultures while watching the games, and sometimes...true story...I learn about places I didn't even know existed before! Wow...there really are other people in this world, even from far away obscure places that sound made up. :)

And as people who love the story behind the story, we especially enjoy learning about the athletes, seeing how they train, where they come from, and the hardships they had to endure to get where they are. THAT is a part of sports that we definitely appreciate. 

When the last Olympic games were being played, Eric and I weren't even married. I would go over to Eric's house every evening to sit in front of the television with him with wedding stuff spread all around me. I spent countless hours putting together programs and folding and tying and designing every piece of paper that went into our wedding day while the sound of the games played on in the background. 

I can't believe that was just four short years ago. If you would have told me I'd have two children and another on the way by the time the next olympic games were on I would have We've also moved three times, changed career paths, and any life plans that we had were completely turned upside down with the news of each new addition to our family. It's been a roller coaster four years!

So yes...that's what we've been up to. Lots of family time, dealing with high maintenance children, actually caring about's kind of a strange time in Robertland. Haha. But we're enjoying (most) of it! Right this very second Evelyn is learning about kayaks and the country of Slovakia from our living room. Now I ask you, when else would we have ever talked about kayaks and Slovakia? Never, that's when. But I can almost guarantee you that now Evelyn's princess stories will be a little more colorful with all of these new words in her vernacular. :D


sblind2 said...

It sounds like Brody and Grace were separated at birth-LOL! he has been so hot and cold lately!:-/

Kim Luke said...

Love the girls dresses!!! So stinkin cute!
VBS looks like so much fun!

The Independent Spinster said...

Love me some Gracie!!!

I nominated you for an award on my blog today.

Sarah said...

Oh Gracie :)

Every family has 'that' child, I hold my breath waiting to see which of my 3 little hoodlums it will be lol.

LOVE the dresses :):):)


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