Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm All Alone!

So I know we're not in the same place right now, but if we were, I'd say something to you like, "Shh, do you hear that?" To which you would reply, "Hear what?" And then I would say, "Exactly."

It's so quiet here! Eric arranged for the girls to spend the night with their grandma while we went to the concert last night, and now this morning I'm here all alone. :) I honestly have no idea what time my children will be walking back through the front door. Whenever they (and grandma) feel like it, I suppose. So I'm going to take this very rare opportunity to get some stuff done around here! Meaning...I'm going to skidaddle, cause time is ticking away!

Here are a couple of really bad pictures from last night. I look like a huge dork, but I don't care, because  we were so HAPPY! Haha.

We timed it out so perfectly. This was our fourth or fifth...we lost track...DMB concert, so we know by now that if the ticket says it starts at 7:00, then that means the real show starts at 8:30. So we took our time and had a nice dinner and were finding our seats literally as the band was taking the stage. It was so much fun!

And seriously...I can't believe Eric kept this secret since March. Sneaky, sneaky. If you hate Dave Matthews and his music, you should still go to one of his concerts someday, because I'm TELLING'll never see a cooler group of musicians playing music. Never. They are so talented they'll knock you right on your butt. True story.

Okay, that's the end. I've really got to go!! Happy day to you!


Cassie said...

seriously i read this and i am just like awwww, awwww, awwwwww!! yay for you guys.
yay for love!

enjoy your quiet time momma!

Kim Luke said...

AWESOME hubby!!!! Glad you guys had a great time!!!


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