Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's Talk About Plates, Bab-y.

Today, my goal is to keep you on the edge of your seat with the most action-packed, thrilling blog post you have ever read in your entire LIFE.

No.... Not really. We had the most low-key weekend in the history of the world. We walked. We ate a lot of food. Eric got a haircut. Truly riveting stuff. It was slow and relaxing...oh, haha, until about 10:00 last night. I had FINALLY gotten Gracie to sleep and went into our guest bathroom when I heard an odd sort of trickling noise coming from the air vent. "What the heck is that?" I thought. And then Gracie started screaming.

Off I went to lay my child back down in her crib. And then I heard the same trickling sound in her room, too. Now I'm not the brightest when it comes to plumbing and how things in my house work, but I'm fairly certain that running water is not supposed to be in the ducts that pump air through our house. I RAN to the basement...and as soon as I opened the door I could hear it...the trickling of several waterfalls raining down from the pipes and onto the basement floor. I yelled for Eric, and we found that our other toilet was overflowing...into the vent in our bathroom...and into our basement.

So to end our very low-key weekend, we spent our evening running around with towels and plungers and buckets to hopefully catch SOME of the water from destroying our possessions. There were a few casualties, but we're pretty awesome toilet water catchers. We should start a business. And wear matching jumpsuits.

That was our weekend. The End.

Now onto the most interesting thing you've ever heard. Well, I think it's pretty interesting. :) Did you know that when the President of the United Sates lives in the White House they get to pick their very own signature china pattern? It's true! There is special room on the first floor of the White House called "The China Room" where all of the china is kept, and nearly every president is represented there.

I know, I know. Whoopee. BUT... there are so many interesting stories surrounding the china. How the peices were picked, what their patterns represent, who ate off of them...and in some cases...what they were used for OTHER than eating, haha. If you are interested in history at all, then it's really fun to read all of the stories and meanings behind the plates that our nation's leaders ate off of.

I love Zachary Taylor's plates!

What is really neat, and something that I didn't know until our recent trip away, was that you can buy replicas of the china to use in your own home. So can eat off of the same pattern dessert plate as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, name them, you can share a little bit of history with them. And so now, Eric and I have a new obsession collection going.

The china is pricey, just like any other kind of china, so we've decided that any time we go on a trip or need a gift idea for each other or just feel like it, we'll buy a piece of this china for our collection. We're starting with dessert plates, and we began by purchasing a plate from the Harry S. Truman Museum of our personal favorite president of all time:

Abraham Lincoln
Honest Abe's wife Mary Todd actually chose the design for their china. She designed this pattern so that foreigners would perceive America as strong and her husband's administration in control. 

I still can't decide if I just want to display these, or actually use them. Because once we have a good collection going, how interesting would it be to have a dinner party and give each guest a different president's dessert plate? "Oh, it looks like you have the Adam's pattern!" "Do you know who's plate you're eating off of tonight?" Yes, I am a total dork, and yes, I think about these things in my free time.

Some patterns are just plain pretty, like John Adams'. Can't wait to get one of these. :)

And we'll always defer this pattern to our son...the "Reagan" plate. Haha.

We weren't gifted any china at our wedding, so now we're going to collect our own special set. :) The perfect mis-matched china collection for a couple of nerds! And they'll fit in quite nicely when we have our colonial dream home some day, haha. 

So perhaps you learned a new little piece of trivia today. Now you are .1% smarter than you were five minutes ago. It's okay to walk around with an inflated head for the rest of the day now...tell all of your friends of your new-found knowledge.. Presidential china. It's all the rage. :) 


sblind2 said...

we JUST missed you guys at the picnic...Eric was loading up when we were trying to find a parking spot and Matt goes "ask the Robert's if they're leaving!" lol

Adrien said...

I THOUGHT I saw you as we were puling away! :)

Ashley N. said...

OH my gosh! I love this china...and it fits ya'll perfectly!

Sara Phegley said...

love the china!!


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