Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Little Independence

We're baaaack! Maybe I should have taken some of our time off and made a new blog header! :D But the truth is we were on the go the entire time, and I've been incredibly spoiled by spending every waking moment of the day with Eric. Yes, I know that sounds slightly unappealing to some of you. Haha. But we had so much FUN together! Our little getaway was a nice reminder that someday, when we're older and empty nesters, we're going to be just fine on our own. If you're married to your best friend then you know just what I mean. :)

So we left this weekend for Kansas City, Mo not really knowing what to expect, having never been there before. Turns out it's a mighty fine part of the country to spend some time. We actually ventured outside of the city most of the time to find things to do in the area, and we had the most fun in a little place called Independence. (Highly appropriate given the recent holiday, dontcha think?) You see, the first day of our trip as we were walking around the touristy places to find out what the area had to offer, we stumbled across a brochure for the Harry Truman Presidential Library. And if you know my husband's love for politics and our mutual love for history, then you can probably guess that this became a must-do for us. :)

Harry Truman's actual office post-presidency. Not a replica!

It is such a treat when we are able to walk around a museum for as long as we want and read every single detail on every single plaque without kids rushing us through. We spent three hours in that library on Monday morning, once walking through with a guide and then once through again on our own. Yes, we are nerds.

A famous mis-print. Whoops! Truman thought this was hilarious. :)

Harry Truman and his wife (as well as his daughter and son-in-law) are buried at the library. Traditionally the husband is on the right and the wife to his left, but Harry specifically wanted to break tradition, because his wife was his "right arm." :)

We also stopped by the Truman's private home in Independence. 

I learned so much about a president that I knew very little about. Even though we're not from the same political party, I've gotta say that Harry S. Truman was a pretty swell guy. I think we would have gotten along quite nicely. :) His library was his pride and joy in his later years, and I feel very lucky to have really gotten to experience it for myself. It set the backdrop for a very patriotic state of mind as we approached the Fourth this year, and I've never been more proud to be an American and a citizen of our great country. Gah, love history! Even our nation's short one.

After filling up our minds with knowledge, we filled our bellies with PIZZA. And OH.MY.GOODNESS. If you ever find yourself in Independence, MO then you must stop into this place:

It's just a little out of the way pizzeria, and it's yummy! 

We did so much on this day that it makes my head spin. After going out for breakfast, spending time at the library and the Truman house and then eating lunch, we went shopping, then we saw a movie ( was cute!), then we spent some time wandering around Nebraska Furniture Mart (like Ikea, only nicer stuff and higher prices), went out for nice late-night steak dinner, and FINALLY stumbled back through the door of our hotel room.

Anyway, it was a great trip filled with great memories. We definitely missed our kids and fully expected them to come running toward us slow-motion style when we got home. But that didn't happen. Haha. The girls had just as much fun spending time with their grandparents as we did getting away, and when we came walking up to them they were just like, "Oh. Hey, guys." Followed soon by Evie saying, "I don't want to go home!" Little stinkers. :)

The day we came home was my little brother Justin's 15th birthday, and we honored him with funny cards and ice cream cake that stained us to look like Cookie Monsters. Happy Birthday, Justin!

We spent the Fourth of July treating the girls to a day out for lunch and shopping (man, have we done a lot of shopping lately - more on that next week!), having dinner with Eric's parents, and then going to watch fireworks in the evening with my family.

Best shot we could get in the pitch-dark, haha. We brought a bazillion different kinds of glow sticks for the kids, and they were way more interested in those than the fireworks!

Now Eric is back to work and my parents are leaving today for their annual camping trip. I just don't know what the girls and I are going to do with ourselves! Hope everyone has had a great week while we've been gone. I can't believe tomorrow is the weekend again already - I'll take it!


Cassie said...

we just re-did the Target in Independence, MO - i will have to ask some of the people who worked on the project if they ate that pizza.
not going to lie i was in full belief that NOTHING went on in independence, mo. lol.
glad you had a great trip!!

The Pettijohn's said...

Looks like alot of fun. I envy you and Eric for a getaway away. Vince and I have not had one since our honeymoon in 2006.


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