Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Kids!

Sorry for being MIA yesterday! I had the wonderful starve-yourself-and-then-get-high-on-sugar glucose test yesterday morning allll the way at St. Luke's hospital, and the whole family came along, haha. It was a little morning field trip of sorts. Then Evie batted her lashes and sweet talked her daddy into taking us out for lunch. So that's what I was doing during regularly scheduled blogging hours. :)

Last night on our walk I was lamenting to Eric how terribly boring and long and awful today was going to be. My parents are still camping and Eric has class on Wednesday nights, which was set to make today, well...boring and long and awful. It's HARD to parent a strong-willed child (ahem, Gracie girl) and not get any breaks from sun up to sun down. Really, really hard. And he listened to me drone on for a couple of minutes about how much I wish he didn't have class and blah blah blah.

Anyway, Eric let me sleep in this morning while he got the girls up and got ready for work. I was only half awake when he kissed me goodbye, and it seemed like two seconds later Evie was jumping in my bed and saying, "There's a prize for you, mama!" The girls escorted me into the kitchen where there was music playing (weird, because there is never music playing in the morning) and a card on the table.  And inside the card was the sweetest note from Eric and concert tickets to one of our favorite bands for tonight!

Let me just say that it is hard to genuinely surprise me with anything. Really, really, hard. I don't think it's that Eric is bad at surprises, but that I'm just oddly good at putting peices together and figuring things out ahead of time. But Eric got me this time. Wahooo!!!! This day won't be boring and long and awful, after all. :)

And now, to the reason for this blog post: my babies. 

It's monthly update time! And my kids have been full of mischief and stories and growing in the past month. Evelyn learned a new trick, opening the refrigerator door:

Now I get to walk in on surprises like this early in the morning. Eggs all over my kitchen. Evelyn is the accomplice, and Gracie is usually the one actually committing the crime when I catch them. Together, they keep me on my toes like never before!

Evie and Grace are slipping right into the typical big sister, little sister roles. Grace likes to take things from and terrorize her big sister; meanwhile, Evie likes to taunt Gracie with things she can do that Gracie can't. Namely, reaching things that aren't supposed to be reached. :) But they also love each other like never before. Even when Grace is driving Evie nuts, I know their bond is strong.

Like yesterday, when Grace tackled Evelyn to the ground and sat on her face. Haha. Through smushed lips, Evie said, "Gwacie...I wuv you...but you have to get off!" :D 

Neither can stand when the other is away for very long, and that includes nap time. If one is sleeping and the other one awake, they will bug and bug them until they wake up. (Much to their mother's displeasure, of course.)

Gracie held Evie's hand until...

....success! She woke her up. Stinker. :)

Grace is FINALLY starting to speak. Over night her vocabulary went from just a few words to many words, and we drill her on them often. Some of our favorites to hear her say: baby, bubbles, grandma, grandpa, Evie (which sound like Eh - cute), Tiki, Cracker, and all the rest of our family names. The biggest accomplishment is the fact that she is trying to sound out just about everything, where before she looked at us with disgust if we tried to get her to speak, haha.

Evelyn continues to perfect her craft of storytelling. All of her stories seem to involve fairy tales which begin with "Once upon a time" and finish with with a proper and resounding "The End." What comes in the middle is always a surprise. :) But her tales usually involve people we know, dragons, and saving the day. Typical girl!

As for Reagan, new pictures of him! But he's a squirmy wormy in there, and I can say that at our check up yesterday he had a healthy heartbeat of 140. I finally feel like I've gotten a start on collecting things to welcome a boy into our family. I ordered and received a special diaper bag for him that isn't pink, and I've been shopping like a maniac for boy clothes! 

It's hard to be the expectant parents of a boy and not care much about sports, because it seems like half of the clothing for boys say things like, "Little Slugger" or have pictures of footballs or something on them. And yeah...that's not us. :) So Eric gave me permission to get every piece of clothing from this line that I could track down, because this...this is us. Haha.

And I have managed to dig all of this up and more, in multiple sizes. :)

And that's it! Our house is pretty much insane these days. My children are loud and mischievous and champions of mess making. I am pretty much exhausted 24/7 and trying my best to keep it together. I believe Reagan is able to hear things happening on the outside now, and all I have to say is that he's probably a little frightened for his future. But he gets plenty of tickles and kisses and "I love you's" from his big sisters already. I have a feeling that he is going to have someone entertaining him every waking moment of his life...I give him frequent pep talks to prep him for his arrival into the Robert family. :D


The Independent Spinster said...

Awwww...that boy clothes is the cutest ever!! That would be my kid if I had a boy. I am NOT a soccer mom. I'm a book mom.

Ashley N. said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE those boy clothes...that is totally you and Eric...I love it! Now, as long as little Reagan can sleep with both big sisters trying to wake him up, you will be in good shape!

Adrien said...

YES - you get me! :)

Cassie said...

how exciting is that fun surprise! go eric!!


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