Thursday, July 26, 2012

Playing in the Bug Zone!

Eric left for Denver, CO early yesterday morning and left me with the spare computer. And I couldn't find the computer cord for it all day long. But, I found it - yay! So now here I am. :D

We've been spending our week in the Bug Zone at vacation bible school! Periodically I was able to peel myself away from the preschoolers to snap a few pictures, but now that I'm on a different computer I'm finding that I'm missing quite a few. Seriously, I think any teacher at VBS could probably say the same thing: the week of VBS pretty much equals craziness. Life is a little chaotic at the moment, so please do not mind the mess that is this blog. :)

But for those who were wondering, this is what our preschool room looks like before most of our kids show up each evening:

Seriously. Our new building rocks. We have so much SPACE in our nursery department these days. This is just one of several connected rooms. Thank you, Lord!

Each night starts with a coming in time for us, where the kids play with games and puzzles and of course, every child's favorite, play dough. (Which is way better when it's home made! Seriously, Miss Shannon made some awesome play dough for us!)

And then it's time for the bible story. Last night we learned about how God transformed Zacchaeus - you know, the wee little man. :) Baha. But in these pictures, the children are learning about Ruth, and Miss Teresa is showing the kids how people used to gather wheat, make it into flour, and turn it into bread:

The kids loved sampling some bread afterwards! 

Next we do a craft each evening, and you're just going to have to use your imagination on this one, because these are some of the pictures that I can't seem to find. 

<Insert craft picture here. Haha.>

Then it's time to travel around the building. On some nights we went to music class to learn all of the fun VBS songs, and on other nights, we go to missions class to learn about missionaries and how we can share Jesus:

Here, the children learn about people sharing God all around the world and even in their own towns. 

And next up is snack and game time! This is another super hard time to get pictures, because our multi-purpose room is gigantic and the kids just want to run and have fun. 

And after we run out all of our energy (or hopefully most of it, haha) we go back to our classroom to do our activity sheets and final projects for the evening. 

The night ends at the worship rally:

We sing songs, see a skit, and get some announcements from our VBS director Miss Ellen.

Then it's time to go home. Whew!

What child wouldn't want to come to vacation bible school, I ask you? :)

This kid loves it!

Evie before VBS last night...posing for the camera. :)


When did she get so big??

So I couldn't end this post without inviting everyone to our family night tomorrow's going to be great! There will be hot dogs and nachos and sno-cones and popcorn, bounce houses, games, face painting, and more...and it's all free! Bring your kiddos and we'll see you there. :)

Tonight is our very last night of regular bible school. I am exhausted...and a little sad that it will be a whole year before we get to do this again. If your kids weren't able to come this year, I sure hope they will join us for more fun next summer. VBS is a staple of summertime fun if you ask me. :D

Have a happy day!


The Independent Spinster said...

Geez girl...I'm exhausted just reading this post!!

Anonymous said...

I spy my Adeline! Clearly taken before her troubles started! I felt soooo bad for her and you girls too for having to take care of her! Still can't believe she showed now signs of being sick for the 48 hours before and then she gets sick again. My apologies, I promise I'm not the type of mom who sends my sick kid out in public to spread the germ knowingly.

Even the drive home and that night, she never had any signs or symptoms of being ill. Kids are so strange sometimes!

All is well again and she's excited to finish up the last two nights of VBS.

Adrien said...

Aw, glad we'll get to see her again! She just acted really sleepy that whole night until she got sick at the end. This is our last night in the classroom and then tomorrow I think most of the activities are outside. :)

The Pettijohn's said...

I am also exhausted reading this post. Wyatt came home exhausted every night. I am definitely putting him in VBS next year. You guys did amazing!!! Who is that handsome man up there???


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