Monday, July 9, 2012

Wading in Clothes and Floods of Water!

Hey, friends! Blogging live today from our Ark here in Southern Illinois! Seriously. Holy rain. Our poor ground was just not ready for such a downpour, and I think our house almost got swept away last night. (Yes I am exaggerating...slightly.) But more on that in a minute!

Oh, the weekend. Before the rains came down I started a big project that left me swimming in clothes - our girls' clothes, to be exact. It's Gymboree RBS (Red Balloon Sale) time, which means lots of new clothes are coming in for our kiddos for next season, and our closets and bins were groaning and busting at the seams. I haven't ever gotten rid of anything our children have worn since the day Evie was born. I just couldn't let go of all of the girl stuff until I was fairly certain I wasn't having any more girls. Once we found out we were having a Reagan this time I knew I would have to get rid of the old to make room for the new.

So we had a little online yard sale to help us out. I made a very small dent in our clothing stash by listing just our Gymboree clothes for sale, and my Friday and Saturday looked a little something like this:

Sorting, sorting, and more sorting. 

It was a great success, and now our clothes will be useful again instead of just sitting in storage. But I have a confession. After I sorted through everything late on Saturday night and looked around at our collection that now belonged to other little girls...I cried. Like, had a really good two-minute sob fest. Partly because I was pregnant and tired, but mostly because those little clothes hold so many cute and precious memories for me. It wasn't the clothes per say that turned on the waterworks...but thinking of the sweet time that they represented. Sniff, girls aren't babies anymore! 

Fortunately, there are new memories ahead to look forward to, and can I just say, shopping for a so much fun! Eek! :) Cute, cute, cute! The RBS sale started while Eric and I were on vacation, and I'm pretty sure we hit about 5 different Gymboree's on our way home, haha. It's one of those sales where every store is unloading their inventory from the previous season, so you never know what you might find. Some stores have tons, some have none, and half of the fun is digging through their bins for hidden treasures.

Let me just say...Reagan Joseph Robert is going to be one sharply dressed little man. :D He made OUT at this sale! Didn't find quite as much for the girls, but Reagan went from having nothing to having lots and lots. 

A couple of pictures I took after round one so I knew what I had when I went back to the store. Haha. I can't help it..this sale is SO GOOD.

RBS is still going on, so get your hiney to a Gymboree, and don't forget your 20% off coupon! It takes already dirt cheap clothes and turns them dirtier and cheaper. :) (Don't shop online. The deals stink.) You can find current coupons in the June/July issue of Family Fun magazine and the August issue of Parenting. 

After all of the clothing madness, we spent a day at the lake with my family on Sunday. If you remember our experience from last year, then you know how much Eric loves the outdoors...NOT. But he tries his very best to be a good sport, and it was a great day!

And then we had to drive home. In the pouring rain. Only to find that our tiny town had experienced the rain of all rains while we were gone and it was STILL going. We knew it was bad when we drove into town and an entire factory's parking lot was a lake. Like, literally. We kept driving, and after passing huge falling limbs and rushing gutters, we discovered the main road we take to our house was completely flooded. There were flashing lights and a police car blocking the way.

We turned around to take a side street...which was also completely flooded. We watched a smaller vehicle barely make it before we decided to try plan B...another entrance all the way around town into our subdivision. We almost made it home, and then we ran into another lake...deeper than the first two. We were in our Rendezvous and we watched a truck make it's way through the water. There were literally no other ways home...we would have to stay at our parent's house if we couldn't make it through the water. So we tried it.

And in our SUV, we barely made it through. Poor people with only cars that live on our street would have been completely out of luck. And that would have been us just over a month ago. So thank you, God, for the much needed rain...but holy moly! I hope the hard ground was able to soak it up and get a refreshing drink. Judging by the weeds now popping up in our yard, I would say it got a little something. :)

So that was our weekend. Clothes and camp outs and swimming down our street. I hear we might get more rain this afternoon. I swear I've been seeing pairs of animals roaming around our neighborhood, ifyouknowwhatimean. :D


Cassie said...

cute cute cute boy clothes.
i think henry needs some of those.
oh darn i'll HAVE to go shopping. lol.

The Independent Spinster said...

My mom STILL has clothes from me and my sister when we were babies. I'm 31, she is 33.

I heard you guys had a pretty good swimming pool building up on your road. I had one forming in my kitchen.

The Pettijohn's said...

Holy rain but it was much needed!

Holy clothes also. I need to take you with me shopping for the boys. Such cute clothes. You always get the best deals.

sblind2 said...

I was completely impressed (but not surprised) when I saw everything posted on FB! I will want to be that organized one day....but I know I won't. I get sad when I come acrossed some of brody's clothes too!

Adrien said...

Oh yes, run to the sale! :D Take me with you! Haha. Just don't tell Eric.... ;)

Haha, Sarah...I'm trying to GET organized. Slowly but surely....


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