Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby Week - Clothes!

Do ya'll have any idea how hard it is to organize something with two little discombobulaters running around the house? Pretty darn hard. But I definitely made some major progress on our closet yesterday, and now I can see the floor - wahoo! And through all of the rummaging I have discovered that I have more stuff for Reagan than I even thought. So now, my morning is going to consist of sorting through bags of clothes from cousin Austin and all of the finds that my mom has picked up along the way.

Then I'm off to the first of my two week baby appointments. Seriously...I cannot even believe we are here already! I had plans to make a video for today's post in honor of baby week. I was going to show you Reagan's closet...at least the few things that I have picked up for him. But...I ran out of time and energy. So you just get pictures instead. :) If this sort of thing doesn't interest you in the least, then you can scroll down to the bottom to see my two sleeping children and have a nice day. But if you're a baby clothes obsessed lunatic like me...then here ya go.

All I have to say is this: I sincerely hope that someone gets pregnant in January/February next year and has a boy, because I guarantee these brand new clothes will be worn one time before they're outgrown.

 Junior Dino

Baby Raccoon

Baby Skunk

Smart Little Guy

Empire State Express

Holiday Traditions

Gingerbread Boy

Snow Bear

Baby Helicopter

Brand New Baby

Doggone Cute 

And this lonely shirt, plus lots more that I can't find lines/pictures for. :)
I'm a sucker for matching hats and booties. :) I like to have some cute outfits for when we go out, but as everyone knows, my kid is going to live in onesies and sleepers at home. If Reagan is anything like my first two, then we'll average about three diaper blow outs per day. :D

And now for a confession: I really envy all of you mamas who have had planned pregnancies. Haha. Every single one of our babies have been a wonderful surprise, but because we've never planned one of them, we've never been in the place in life that we thought we'd be in when the "next baby" came long. I've never gotten the chance to do a real nursery for one of my kids. With Evie, we moved right before she was born, so while she ended up having her own room I didn't have time before she arrived to do anything with it. Luckily the house we were renting at the time had a pink room! But we were still unpacking boxes months after she was born....

Then we moved when I was pregnant with Grace to a smaller home where she had to share a room with stark white walls with her big sister. No real dedicated nursery for her, either. Now poor Reagan won't even have a room for the first few months of his life. He gets to share with mom and dad. I can't wait until we own our own home someday with more space where I can do anything I want to the walls. Perhaps our adopted baby(s) will have nurseries! Ah well, I'm still going to have fun picking out some new boy bedding at least. :)

Last night our girls totally conked out on our walk and slept the whole night through - it was wonderful! But check out Grace. 

She's always at the ready - even in her sleep!

Evelyn has promised to help me go through baby clothes this morning, so I've gotta run for a date with my oldest! And hopefully we'll have a perfectly normal and uneventful trip to the doctor today. Reagan gave me some scares recently, but I think all is well, so no worries! I'll share more about that tomorrow. :)


Ashley N. said...

If you need help, let me know!

Erin said...

You give me baby fever sooooooo bad :/

The Independent Spinster said...

Awwww...that little clothes!!!! It's just too cute!

The Pettijohn's said...

Love all of the clothes! You are making want to have another.

Sarah said...

Well yes Mrs. Robert, yes I do know how hard it is lol ;)

I went to Gymboree today & got Liam a monkey outfit. How come I didn't see ANY of these clothes while I was there?!

So jealous of your 2 week appointments. I feel like this pregnancy has gone on foooorever!!

Adrien said...

Oh ladies, just give in and have more babies. :D

Love the monkey line, Sarah! I am cheap and mostly shop the big sales, so most of those close are last season. But the Smart Little Guy line is at the outlet right now. :)


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