Friday, August 10, 2012

Confession Friday 8-10!

I confess that yesterday was the most perfect of days in the history of Summer 2012. It was the day that should have been played out more often had our weather not been so ridiculously scorching HOT. The girls and I, along with my mom and John, covered every square inch of a local park, and it was so much fun! We didn't even get plastered in sweat doing it. Gracie was totally in her element, free to run and play. Evie was happy to be on swings that couldn't bump into anyone else's. :) Even the sometimes hard-to-please John squealed with laughter and called for encores of underdogs and merry-go-round pushing. Then my mama treated us to lunch (thanks, mom!) and the girls came home to rest just in time for me to receive an "uh oh!" text message from Eric.

I confess that we totally forgot I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Whoops! Thank God for my mother-in-law who saved the day! She took me to meet Eric and then watched the girls for us while we got to listen in on Reagan's little thumping heartbeat.

I confess that my doctor has the coolest, best, most wonderful nurse practitioner in the entire world. She just became a mama herself to her second adopted baby - a little boy who was born last week! Eric and I enjoyed chatting with her, and I left our appointment with warm fuzzies. Could you imagine working with expectant mothers every day knowing that you couldn't have babies naturally yourself? She doesn't seem to mind one bit. Heart of gold, I tell you.

I confess that my love language is "words of affirmation" which means that I need to HEAR encouragement to feel it. But I've gotta tell you...sometimes a look means way more than any words can express. I love when Eric smiles at me. Eric, I think my new love language is "googly eyes of affirmation." So feel free to ogle me up any time you please. :)

I confess that I bought this bubble machine for the girls for $5 at Target's toy clearance...

...and HOLY BUBBLE-AGE! You could choke on the amount of bubbles that fly out of this thing. The reviews online say it's junk, but for five bucks my kids love it!

I confess that magazines covered in bikini-clad models should be outlawed from waiting rooms frequented by pregnant women. Not fair.

I confess that Evelyn took one look at me after getting my hair done this week and asked, "Did you go to the blonde store, mama?" Hehehe...yup. I buy this blonde, baby. :)

I confess that I am officially addicted to pop-tarts. I used to hate them, and now...can't get enough! 

I confess that my birthday is coming up and all I want is to get things for my kids. I have a mile long wish list for them!

I confess that this video cracks me up every time I watch it.


She really does love the bird!

I confess that I've had a watermelon sitting on the counter for a week and I haven't cut into it, because my knives SUCK. At Eric's next bonus we're treating ourselves to new knives and pots and pans. Woohoo, living the high life! :D

I confess that I sat on our front porch until well past dark last night, and now I have bug bites in places I cannot even mention. The itching...oh, the itching! 

I confess that we slept in this morning and we have a date with some cute boys at the playground, so we need to skidaddle. Gotta put our faces on. Haha. :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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The Independent Spinster said...

I confess I am super jealous of your trip to the blonde store.

I confess my breakfast is a mug of very thick, sugary coffee and a very thick slice of banana bread. DIET BE DAMNED! It's Friday!


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